September 18, 2013


“Legislators will soon be considering a bill that would place an “open-ended” ban on natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania.” 


Senator Jim Ferlo (D-Allegheny) has introduced a bill that would place a moratorium on gas drilling in Pennsylvania.

Senator Jim Ferlo (D-Allegheny) has introduced a bill that would place a moratorium on gas drilling in Pennsylvania.

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How could we do like Colorado with the reps and the gun control issues ?
Maybe we could start a online petition for a special election to have this senator replaced?
Even if we failed Iam sure it would get his attention!!!

Vote the anti-capitalist out of office. Replace him with someone with a functioning brain!

Very good idea.  Lets get this started!

First: Everyone should call or e-mail their state representative and state senator. The call or e-mail should be polite and short.

Tell them you oppose the moratorium on oil and gas drilling proposed by Senator Jim Ferlo. I would add that you tell them there is no reason to re-invent the wheel. NY and many oother states have conducted studies that should the process of shale development to be safe. Further, PA DEP has conducted several studies of it's own and found shale development to be safe.

Notice that Senator Ferlo is from an urban county. Most of the opposition to shale development comes from urban counties. So it is important for landowners from the rural counties to speak out.

I like the idea of a recall petition for this guy. Call the Secretary of State's office and ask about the procedure.

Just don't sit on your hands.

may he retire to Florida. 

get ready, as pittsburgh and philly leftists elect your next governor.

exactly!  AND our president!

  “I think the growing concern about the manner in which this industry operates in a very unregulated way without very many environmental regulations,”

Dr Savage is right....liberalism is a mental disorder  

Chip; the state already collects over a billion/yr in taxes on lease bonuses, royalties, employee taxes, sales taxes, corporate taxes, rolling stock and capital taxes, hotel occupancy taxes, and more.  And when a landowner or employee spends the money they get, huge amounts of additional jobs and taxes are generated.

This guy is knows this law has no chance of passing but is just another example of a political whore prostituting himself for votes in his very liberal district.

Chip. Ferlo is a long time liberal Dem that has deep ties to the Harrisburg power brokers in his party. It is entirely possible that this whole deal is about blackmailing the industry into accepting a severance tax......."let us tax you more and we will not shut you down."

Of course, these factions ignore the fact that the other states that have a severance tax have no rolling stack/cap tax, no personal income tax, no or very small corp tax.

The mere fact that you immediately connected this moratorium proposal to a severance tax just verifies that this is not about a moratorium, not about the health of the people, not about protecting water or the environment.  It is just about getting their slimy, greedy hands on this cash cow.

Your reply makes my skin crawl. I would rather give my lease money back, watch all the drillers leave, and all of Pennsylvania turn into Detroit than let scumbag politicians play the same old games.
In your "relative" world I suppose there is no difference between a priest and a prostitute.


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