I've heard from numerous landowners  ( both those who are members of 4-County Landowners Group and those who are not) all with questions about pipeline leases.  Where are new pipelines being run across this region township to township?

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You don't suppose, do you that the pipeline that I am dealing with might just be a small part of this overall operation do you Janice?

Bill L.

Yes Bill, it must all be related.  Pipelines leave farms, leave townships, leave counties ...    Along the "line" they join others. The Marcelllus/Utica play can continue to produce for a long time, but until the resource gets to market it's doing no one any good.  The big cities of New England and the Mid-Atlantic region are clamoring for cheap energy.  The South is growing by leaps and bounds and needs much more energy now than ever before.  Pipelines have to start somewhere whether they're totally new, or expansions of existing ones.  New wells = more pipelines.  

Areas like yours are where it all starts.

Great to hear from you again Janice.

We have had no word concerning the pipeline from anyone except that permission was wanted to cross our property, I presume on a fourwheeler, to scout out a possible route. We were told that one possible route was abandoned after it left our land and moved to another property just south of it. But that our property was still in the ROW.  

I read your Email about the eminent domain decision. Interesting to say the least.

Bill L.


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