The Monroe County production numbers for new wells continue to exceed expectations and Monroe County isn't alone. The question is how high and how many years will it go. I had the good fortune to talk to two people who think the sky is the limit, one a production man and the other a petroleum engineer. The production man said the right people in power in Washington the Utica and Marcellus alone could not only help the US but our allies as well, therefore helping our finances for generations. The petroleum engineer told me that if it were truly logic that ran the show, the alternative energy folks would fold up their tents and go home. We haven't even begun to imagine the potential in the Marcellus/Utica region, let alone the rest of the country.

The Aubrey McClendon's of the world aren't spending billions out of the goodness of their heart, he's doing it because he knows we have haven't even begun to realize the potential of the Marcellus/Utica shale. Just read some articles from about 5-10 years and it will become very apparent to all.

On a personal note, I can't help but think about my family and the countless other families in the area whose lives have revolved around oil and gas. Grandfathers, great grandfathers and in my case even great great grandfathers, some of whom had a 4th or 8th grade education, yet knew enough about geology to drill wells and eek out a living for their family to help future generations like myself get to where we are today. I owe them more than I could ever payback. I think of this every time some emaciated vegan tries to tell me that fracking is bad. After trying to talk logic to them, all I could do was say; May God lead you to truth because your just sounding foolish. We have the logic and the technology let's use it to help those in Appalachia who certainly need the money. If someone had tried to stop drilling 100 years ago, where would be today, beholden to the Saudis, or spending exorbitant money on alternative fuels? Thank God we aren't dealing with that nightmare..  

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First off, the Aubrey McClendon's of the world aren't spending billions. It's funded by investors who are feeding into the hype or a sales pitch. However, in Audrey's case it's funded through something called junk bonds. Stay on planet earth and realize what can go wrong will go wrong: price manipulation, well explosions, greedy landowners, earthquakes, supply and demand, improper royalty deductions, new taxes and so on.

This industry has provided excellent opportunities for millions. Not just the greedy landowners that got property thanks to mommy and daddy. However, it doesn't mean it will continue to expand until the end of time or the next decade for that matter. Have you seen the price of oil lately? Heard about the monthly well and/or pipeline explosion? The pixxed off landowners that don't own their minerals and claim their water is contaminated. There are countless concerns that can put an end to the pipe dream at anytime. Which I'm sure is a total nightmare for anyone that has had everything handed to them on a silver platter and now they're handed income and royalties in surplus. Yet that's not enough. It's no different than the crybabies on welfare or those making minimum wage. The American society is a disgrace! It's run by hypocritical scumbags on all ends of the spectrum. Everyone should be happy for what is happening and not depend on it to make them the next Beverly hillbilly. For every Beverly hillbilly out there, there's 1,000 that don't get there.

Gebralter I hear you, but there's a lot of factors working in our favor. First off, even though most of us wouldn't trust Aubrey as far as we could throw him without his name behind it I doubt those investors on Wall Street would have ponied up the billions they did. Also, because Aubrey's in this card game lots of other players feel like they want to get in and get some of the jackpot money, which means property owners get paid because more land gets leased, whether it is actually drilled or not.

As far as people foolishly spending their oil and gas money, the folks I know who have come into a windfall have been pretty responsible. It is not like this land was in coastal Florida or California and the family had lots of spoiled children waiting for their inheritance. This is Appalachia where a few years ago most folks thought the only worth their land had was due to timber, if there was any of that on their property. As far as the world scene goes, as long as China continues to boom, Europe is nervous about fracking and Vladimir Putin leaves them trembling, there will be need of oil and gas.


Bitter response and quite cynical. Actually this post is offensive to me as well. Your tone needs to change

So Gebralter, tell us how you really feel.

Thanks for the laugh dexter. Lol
Just think 10 years ago I was a dumb dirty Appalachian hillbilly farmer now I am a rich spoiled applachian hillbilly farmer
Hand outs from mom and dad. Theses people famed for pennies and for years. I guess farming is easy and it is like taking a hand out. You are great at bashing yet you provide no insight or suggestions on how to fix our energy problems. I guess we should go back to the middle ages and let mom and dad take care of us.

The counties and people who are finally being rewarded for staying here and working their land. Those same people who now have money will spend it on house repairs. Replace that old broken down tractor and basically stimulate the economy in a area that needs it the most. They werent looking for a hand out but will take it when the time comes. You sound like a someone who got nothing and are jealous.

You got that right, jason!!  The "mommy and daddy" guy must be smoking something illegal - or else he's just plain nuts.  My mommy and daddy never owned more than the small patch of land beneath their home, my childhood home.  It was less than an acre.  I bought land at a young age, first one in my family ever to own any.  It took me many years to pay it off by working and paying down the mortgage.  Then I bought more land, a lot more . . ON MY OWN!!

The "mommy and daddy" dude sounds like one of those idiotic Obama "you didn't build that" people, somebody who never worked hard enough to make it, so figures everyone else was born with a gold spoon.  "Takers" like that are content to elect to office politicians who will help them legally steal from those of us who have worked hard for what we have.  They make me sick!!  They need to get a job and work for things like I had to do.  And if they already have a job they need a second job.  At one time, when I was younger, I worked three jobs at once to earn the money I needed.  You do what you have to do.  "Mommy and daddy" my  ***!

Almost everyone I know who owned land worked very hard for very little. They stayed around when no one wanted this land. They made a living but it was a month to month living. They would have worked until they died....broke. then the shale came and now they have more then ever. But these sa me people still get up at 5 am to take care of the farm. They still do the sam things except it's on a newer tractor. They didnot have to take a loan to put a new roof on their house. They also have donated a large chunk to charity.

I bet if that person owned a large chunk of property they would be singing a different tune. It is easy to criticize when you don't have to back what u are saying. Do you own land? I would like to see if you own and didn't sign because of you values...I doubt it

Wow, I don't know what happened. This thread sure went sideways when Gebralter got all negative on us. I can only guess what that's all about, but in my initial post, I was trying to bring up all of the positives about the boom, especially considering how poor many of our relatives were a generation or two ago. I was hoping we could talk about how long this will last. From everything I have been told, it should be a long time. If anyone wants to respond to my initial post that would be great.

Sorry old school. I got a little defensive. I'm very happy for the boom. I have property on the wetzel tyler line in wv. It has helped my family and they haven't drilled yet. We did lease a line 2650 feet of the property and was paid well. If and when they drill it will be great. There is alot of untouched land around my area and it looks like a great area. I think there is a crazy amount of drilling left. We are in t he first inning of a 9 inning game. I think they are going after the high % owned and land around large easy access roads. I think they will continue to move to the harder areas and then into the lower production areas.

I believe the demand will continue to increase as long as the price of gas is so cheap.
Continue....which should keep theme around for a very long time. I hope they are all wrong about the things they say about drilling. Were would we be if we never drilled in this country.


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