There has been an ongoing dispute in Pulaski Twp., PA regarding what Hilcorp terms their "central facility" versus what some think is actually a compressor station being disguised using different terms. Hilcorp has described the central facility as the place where a dehydrator removes water from the natural gas then compressors and fans cool the fans. Is that different than the function of and equipment used in a compressor station? There are some (mostly anti-fracking activists) who believe that Hilcorp is lying to the community by using the term central facility. Can someone help me understand the difference between the two?

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Yes OK.. Go and talk with people who are Hilcorp employees (The township)... I have tried that..  These guys will tell you to your face.. Yes I'll see what I can do.. Never anything happens ...I have done this personally ..I'm ready to file suit myself..

Also is not my opinion.. It is THE LAW.. A judge just ruled in the commonwealth that having leases IS a conflict.. Take it up with the judge..

If you say so, "John"...

OK "Michelle"   If you want to imply something just say it.

Jim I do believe that if enough people went to Hilcorp they would do something to try and remedy the situation. From others that I know that have had issues Hilcorp seems to have done their best to find a remedy.

Well I'm not buying that.. I watched in horror as a resident was in tears over the noise and has Hilcorp/Pulaski same entity done anything??  YEP they got rid of the noise problem by getting rid of the noise ord...  YEP good governing body there...

I have been reading the postings between Michelle Hoffman and John Smith.  All I can say is that Michelle seems extremely knowledgeable while John Smith seems like a pathetic, angry loser.  Don't waste your time Michelle because I don't care what you tell him he is going to be angry.  He keeps moving the proverbial goal post during the discussion.  What a loser................

Yes I'm angry..  As I should be.. I live here and I expect my government to work for me. NOT be in the pocket of big business ..AS to my pathetic knowledge I have backed up every statement that I have said unlike Michelle who claims that a compressor station runs about 50 db.  NOT check out facts.. Or are you anti science ??   As you see these compressors do run way louder than a refrigerator in your home.. 

  Read and enlighten yourself with out name calling... I just believe that this fracking industry could have been good for all. But because our town council IS bought it IS going to be bad for all. If that makes me a loser then that is what I am.. But I'm still right..You may like her point of view but that does not make it right..

John, since you are disputing the noise levels, what readings have YOU recorded and at what distances from the facility?

I have taken sound readings from ALL the well pads In Pulaski , Mahoning and Mercer at different phases. Vertical , Horizontal, General  construction, seismic testing , Laying pipes, The Hydro fracking and Flairing  .I have taken readings from CFP and compressor stations in the above places. Ever time I take a reading it is way over what these township official's claim.  I can give you data on each well it's phases and noise levels of each stage. Along with the building of the CPF and compressor stations .. Pulaski rescinded it own noise ordnance to try to get rid of the complaints. WE ALL know this is noisy.. Really? It is like asking how loud a truck is. Well if a truck is on a back road (Like these are) People expect to not have to deal with that day in and day out 24-7 7 days a week. It is like taking truck traffic from Pittsburgh and putting that in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. That really is where the problem is.  It does not matter if more people are for something or against it. It does matter that we at all cost protect minorities rights. If the farmers want to cash in on this cool by me. Keep the noise , lights, dust and diesel fumes out of my property.. Just like being a non smoker. You can smoke just don't blow it in my face. This really is a civil rights issue. How to live in harmony with and industry ..  Start keep industry away from homes and neighborhoods. I'm not an anti but I'm pro common sense.

For what it's worth I'm simply using a meter that is downloadable to a phone. I have used it in conjunction with a chart showing what noises are comparable to what decibel reading. It seems fairly accurate. I have measured it in the mid to upper sixties and I'm probably 1500-2000ft away. As with all sound weather and other environmental factors play into how loud it is. As the leaves begin to fall it is becoming louder. I believe Hilcorp told residents it would be 50db. I don't know at what range. I just installed a dishwasher that was rated at 48db. I can barely hear it in the other room.
60db is not that loud in the grand scheme of things but when you are used to hearing crickets it's a bit of a change. Like listening to a diesel locomotive running all night.


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