I was driving with a friend on route 221 through Greene County on Sunday to go bicycling on the Greene River trail near Rices Landing, and we found ourselves behind a brine water / residual waste truck -- presumably full of frack waste -- between Dunn Station and Ruff Creek.

Three problems:

1. The truck had no license plate!  The side of the truck said Curry Supply.

2. The truck often took up most of the road, creating a hazard for oncoming traffic.

3. There was severe road damage on route 221, perhaps from these wide, heavy frack trucks.  When I biked this road about two years ago, the edges of this road were not crumbling like this.  Damaged roads can cause a) crashes for bicyclists or motorcyclists, b) damage to car tires and suspensions, and c) additional safety problems as cars & trucks swerve to avoid holes in the road.

See photos:


I'd like to visit Greene County again to go bicycling on its (formerly) nice roads but these safety issues make me think twice.  The gas industry should pay for their share of this road damage, since this appears to be so far beyond normal road wear.




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I notice that in your comprehensive online research into this matter, you conspicuously seem to be missing all of the articles showing where the gas companies are putting HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS INTO REPAVING THE ROADS THEY ARE IMPACTING TO A MUCH MUCH BETTER CONDITION THAN THEY WERE BEFORE. 

I've heard somewhere from someone that you're not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth, but  I've never heard of wanting to ban them from operating on already crumbling township roads when said gift horse is back to fix them lickity-split to a much better condition in most cases.  Also, if you want to converse in this forum, perhaps you should actually engage those offering you REAL anecdotal evidence instead of dismissing it since it doesn't agree with your flimsy road bike rims.

Mike Knapp: I've shared current photos of roads in Greene county and I've quoted newspaper stories about similar issues in nearby counties.  You mention hundreds of millions of dollars spent on road repair but you didn't give us a newspaper story or any other evidence to back up your statement.  I don't think putting a sentence in all caps makes it true or convincing, do you?

PennDOT Deputy Secretary Scott Christie doesn't dispute the $200 million figure.

Read more: Natural gas drillers' damage to roads debated - Pittsburgh Tribune-... http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/s_715701.html#i... 


I love it when somebody from the the city tries to tell us bumpkins to protect our environment when they themselves have completely eliminated theirs..........

It's also worth noting that Marcellus shale related activities have contributed many many millions of dollars in fuel tax, which are SUPPOSED to go to repairing road infrastructure.

That may be the very reason that a lot of us see the protection aspect of the land above the exploitation of her . . .


also I doubt anybody is against this slick water fracing as much as for doing it under strict observation via the clean water act signed into being by Nixon and pushed aside by Bush & Chaney. 


I am against drilling completely until the gas companies get straight with us.. ... quit dragging their feet and QUIT! using this American Independence line of BS,  and quit negotiating with you bumpkins (your word) like they were used car dealers and you guys were a group of reservation Indians. Right now they stand to make zillions with YOUR gas and are bottom lining the land owner at every opportunity . . .


what I don't get is why you all are singing praises to the man who is slamming your backside so bad when this is all over you won't be sitting down for weeks. Is this a company site?


Yeah, us anti folks are really dummies . . . 



I want our resources

you already HAVE them (resources). . . it's the gas companies who NEED what you already are in possession of.. . . . .. and you all should be negotiating from that position.


Man, you people got it all backwards. I have a neighbor up the hill who got maybe a hundred dollars an acre to lease his property . . . another one got a thousand . . .

negotiation doesn't mean that you just beg or hold out for THEIR best offer.....

 Has anybody even checked into these guys profit margins? I know big oil made multi billions profit this last quarter . . . You all want to make money?

You have to unite and turn the tables on this whole process. . . . 

Well most of what I typed did not post. So here goes. I want our resources to be used here and for the betterment of the country. I do not think we should be selling our natural resources to foreign countries. I don't see anything wrong is selling the products to other countries if the will even the trade deficit.

Don't sell us "bumpkins" short many of us have Masters degrees and PhD's. We just choose to live in the country.

We are a big family that can fight among ourselves but strangers need to keep out of our business.

We don't go into the cities and burbs to tell you how to live. Most of us out here use fewer of the resources that are here now then those that live close to the cities.

@ Kathleen...Don't know you...but like you...straightforward, honest, and passionate...and awefully well spoken for a, "bumpkin"! Take care and good luck!

Mark coined that phrase, not me. Personally I've lived so many places I'm a neither. AND I don't at all believe intelligence stops at the party line. . . . .

I do believe patriotism is stronger in the country though and I believe the gas company knows that also and are playing to your God and Flag instincts......... 

I'm also saying you guys are holding all the cards and IMO could be playing a better hand........

the corporations have created the trade deficit by going off shore with their manufacturing in the first place

Why do you think our budget got so screwed that we are about to lose the dollar as world currency? 

Why is housing in the bucket?

Why is it so hard to get a loan from the bank?

What happened to the 800 billion dollars Bush and Obama pumped into the economy without even asking what it was going to be used for?

There are a million why's and they all point to govt, the military/industrial complex and Wall Street. These gas companies are in lock step with the most powerful of the bunch. Do you actually believe they are looking out for your best interests?

Just because I am a stranger doesn't mean I don't care about the screwing some of you guys are getting. 

I'm saying let them drill, but make them drill safely through logical oversight. and get back under the clean water act..... 





This is a Go Marcellus Shale not a political forum or promotion of anyone''s political beliefs. Your over the edge.

Homer Smoth

I'm saying let them drill, but make them drill safely through logical oversight.



Jim, I see you are starting to come around, I hope now you see the purpose of this site, it is so people can exchange info and learn from others mistakes. I hope you will stay interested and help the people around you not to get screwed (your term) as this play moves forward. My wife and I where part of the Wyoming Group and thru their hard work we signed a fair lease with good up front money and a nice royalty but in the end this is business and no one will look out for your interest you have to know what is going on around you. Don't for a minute think the goverment can do this for you. If this resource gets sent out of the country becuase we can find a way to use it than who fault is it?  


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