I saw online that my land is in a unit and it is recorded. I have not received division orders yet. The well went into production at the end of April. Will I just get my first check unannounced or will division orders come first? I am with Rice. Thanks.

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You should definitely get a division order before the 1st check. I am also in a Rice unit and got the DO a couple weeks before the 1st check. My royalties are on a 3 month lag so you may get a check for April's production in July. Expect division orders soon.

I am partially in a Chesapeake unit that started producing in the middle of May. They told me that they do not send out division orders before 120 days of production and will not send out your first royalty check until some un-specified time after receiving the signed division orders back from us.

Call Rice and ask them, you have every right to.

RIce is fairly good in  responding -  a call and/or an email.  We went into production at the end of May with a Rice well, got the division orders in July and got our first check in September.  I think they just finished a couple wells so they may be running behind a bit.  There is a Rice community meeting Thursday at Union Local at 6 - did you get a postcard?  

I had called them back in April before I found out the well was in production but was playing phone tag and my last message didn't get a returned call.
I had been emailing with them on something else that was more administrative, and I asked in an email about the DO, which also did not get a reply.
Yes, i did get the post card yesterday and am hoping to attend. What do they talk about at these meetings?

Yes - sometimes you have to be very persistent.  I do better when I keep calling and get a person as opposed to leaving a message. It'll be the first meeting I have attended so not sure, but any info is a plus in trying to navigate this oil and gas. 

I received mine about 90 days after production, make sure you get a W9 to fill out or they will not send your check. I had to call and they sent me one and once they received it, they started to send them. This the first, that I know of Rice having a community day, that's nice of them. They even send you a Christmas card. I know I will be waiting for my invitation from Gulfport and Chesapeake community days. Oh wait I forgot there not making any profit.

If that's the tax form, i just emailed them an updated one within the last couple weeks.

i received my DO by email today from Rice after emailing them and they called me.  I am not able to go to the meeting tonight now, so if anyone attends, it would be nice to hear what was talked about. Thank you.


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