we have 12 acres in Nobel County, Jackson Township, Ohio, that we would like to cash in on.  Is anyone interested or have any ideas?

Ken Sundermeier



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Evan that is not correct there is a very clear distinction between mineral and royalty interests in ohio. Mainly mineral interests come with "executive rights."

Selling your royalties is the same as selling your minerals buyers just use this terminology so landowner thinks he won't be selling the minerals. Either way I work for Green Minerals LLC and I would be willing to to work with you on some prices for your acreage. Email me at Greenmineralsllc@gmail.com and send me parcel information also.

Ryan it is not the same. If one owns a non participating royalty interest only can they sign an oil and gas lease? No. Do they get the bonus payment for a signed lease? No. That's is some of the major distinctions between royalty interest and mineral interest. If you are in the business clearly you should know they are not the same
It's not the same but both are treated as capitol gains
Correct evan. I misread your post. They are both treated as capital gains.

"Selling your royalties is the same as selling your minerals buyers just use this terminology so landowner thinks he won't be selling the minerals."

I wouldn't sell my royalties or my minerals to someone who didn't know the difference between the two.  Your employer must be excited to know that his people are on here saying ridiculous things in an effort to drum up business.  

Does any one know the best directions for selling 12 Acres and/or mineral rights in Nobel County 7 miles southwest of Caldwell?  I hardly have a clue.

Ben Schaffer Hes in real estate and would good to talk to in your situation.  He's in Caldwell


    Below is my response to Thomas on the same topic. I cut and pasted it instead of typing in a response.  Good Luck with your sale.

Call Jeff Rokisky & Associates, they have the best method of getting you the highest price in WV, PA, or OH.

If I should get in a tight spot they are the only people I will consider since they don't buy the mineral rights but get a percentage of what they make for you through a multi company auction (25 to 50 companies). Their take was 6% several years ago when the topic was discussed by Jeff on his weekly TV show.

By the way, I'm in no way affiliated with Jeff, just a landowner who sees the best method of doing business.


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