The main thrust of the site will always be leasing and drilling information. With that said, I have noticed several political discussions popping up.


Reply with YES or NO; should we add a political group?


*If added the discussions for this group would not be on the homepage where the main page forum currently is displayed.

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I personally don't care if there is a political group or not - that's not why I come to GMS.

If it keeps people from injecting political rants into other discussions unrelated to politics then have at it. If such a group is created and individuals still insist on posting political rants in threads in other areas then they should be tossed.






Thanks Bill

Thanks Mike. I think that's reasonable. It's nice to actually go to a place where politics isn't infused.


I agree with Mike.  There are more than enough political sites for those who want to have that discussion.  This site has been a major benefit to those who are interested in the detailed issues of leasing mineral rights.  If there is a state or federal law that impacts leasing it should be reported.The other policital comments are not necessary


I couldn't agree more.  Besides, they usually say one thing and do another.

I agree with Mike, that's not why I come here.  And, I agree with Sarah Violet.  If a place for politics is created, she notes that it should only relate to the oil and gas industry.

Oops...I just re-read the intial post, that wasn't a Yes or No.

If it's yes or no without stipulations...then my vote is no.


I agree with Mike
My .o2 $; I agree with a political page as long as it is not on the homepage.  Politics is a major factor in this industry and should be discussed. All states are talking about new regulations that will affect us all....even if we don't own land or gas rights. And the federal government also has a major influence on the industry.
Thanks Jim.
yes I agree we all need to know about new regulations.


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