I just found out that another person is receiving royalties from my well.

The lease is a good one and how this happened remains to be discovered.

It's hard to get the gas operator to reveal such information.

When I brought this up to them they are wanting me to prove it!

No where is this person listed on the lease!

Plus imagine the lost revenues for God knows how long!

I did find the tax record in his name listing my API#..

Listed beside it 'CHK' so this may suggest a 20+ year theft!

My question is who is going to be responsible to return all of the stolen money!?

Bottom line is you need to find out who is also receiving your royalties..

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I don't understand.  Is all the acreage in the well yours?  My understanding is there is usually at least 640+ acres in a well and everyone signs individual leases for their own parcels.  You won't see the leases everyone else signed.

If your acreage is in the Unit, I believe you should have received a notification of that as well as a list of each property in your unit. I know we did when we were getting into a unit.  Check with the owner or even the county recorder of deeds office.


This is interesting.  I have never received anything but Division orders.  I'm in PA so I can find out who is in the unit, with some work on my end, but the company has never sent me anything listing all the properties in a unit.

That's the thing, people have no idea who is receiving their royalties.

This is something completely new and absent from the gas operator's full disclosure.

Yes I am in a huge unit with my family and our lease is very specific on all parties involved.

These are 25 year vertical wells and are all still producing in WV.

This information is not available to the property owners.

You have to know to ask and be prepared for a hard time.

All of the acreage is mine.

1264 acres

What county and state?  

Clinton District, Morgantown, WV

JK, if your mineral interest is located in West Virginia, there is a company that can help researching it out. 
AMCO Oil and Gas


based out of Morgantown, WV

In your deed does it say you don't have mineral rights?

We do have complete mineral rights, both in the deed and lease.

JK, An oil and gas Attorney will give you a FREE 30 min consultation. He will tell you your options. I don't know how it works in WV but in Ohio on the ODNR website they have a well database with Platmaps. There you can see the Names and Parcels numbers of everyone in the Unit. Maybe WV has something similar. It's a place to start. 


We have an excellent O&G attorney.

This is how we found out when he spoke to the company.

What I am saying is this discovery is new and not known to the other lease holders.

It's not a matter of record anywhere.


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