Signed with JayBee in Tyler County over 2 1/2  years ago but cannot find out anything about drilling projections. Are all of the companies as bad about giving out information?

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I think in general, once you sign they don't communicate with you unless they are going to do something. Have you been following the permit activity in Tyler County?

You can go here WV Office of Oil and Gas Horizontal permits

and go to the middle of the page and choose Sign up Signup for OOG Mailing List and View the List archives

I am not sure if that last works as a link. Anyway they will email you when a permit has been applied for in the county you select.

You can also watch the Weekly Reports  Weekly reports

for newly issued permits, and modifications.

There is a lot on that website. Some of it takes some experimenting to figure out, and sometimes things don't work as well as other times, especially the maps.

Thanks! We have been trying to keep up with the permit activity.

Have you asked them ? Send email to

Called and emailed. I was told that I won't know anything until I get a letter.

I am currently being drilled in a Chesapeake unit although we leased with Antero. Antero denied any knowledge of anything even after I linked them the ODNR map showing the permitted legs AND the list of royalty receivers.

Nancy is right in that unless something is going on with the lease they will not contact you, you need to follow up on permit activity as Nancy indicated, easy to do .I have a lease with Jay- bee, well has been drilled and I receive a check every month, without a hitch.

Where in Tyler County?

My family has leases with Jay-Bee in the Indian Creek area.  

They seem to have come into Tyler from Doddridge Co. (state route 23) and moved northwestward with their drilling operations.

It took about a year after signing for drilling to begin, and about another year or less for completion, production, and payment.  These times are from memory, and may not be exact.

After the initial wait, the checks are monthly, on-time, and they are honoring the no-deductions clause in our lease.

Gas sales prices have dropped each month from the beginning, as I believe they have for most.

They  contract their road, site, and pipeline right-of-way work to a company called Ellison Dozer, and they have recently been using Trenton Energy in our area for support.  If you see any activity by Ellison or Trenton, it might be worth a friendly conversation.  

Please help others here by sharing information as it becomes available.


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