I'm looking at the drop in natural gas prices from a royalty owners perspective. Hopefully, there will be an increase in the future. Wishful thinking!

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I heard $100.00 by the 3rd or 4th qtr.

anything can happen.if the moron running Russia  decides to jump both feet into the Ukraine,  or Israel decides they've had enough, the world will change overnight. or if we get hit , here, again. boom.

Why would you even post something like that?

It's scary indeed, many folks are losing money they don't even have yet!

Annie Miller, Sounds like what Wally World does to cut costs from suppliers.

Those low prices won't last forever.  This is not the first time this has happened.  With these companies saying they are going to concentrate on drilling what leases they have, that may be partly true.  Now that they have the "easy" people signed, they are using partition suits to bully those who have not signed. Doing this will let them finish up on the holdouts to complete a tract. They have you all covered and you can either challenge them and spend some money in court or, sign a lease that is not very good.  The one with the most toys wins.  As seen posted before in some of the sites, they will buy or "borrow" a portion of a signed heirs minerals for money.  That makes the company an owner after it's deeded to them and they use that to pursue your mineral interest. There complaint in a suit is, you are holding up their plans and development.  Works, if they get a judge who agrees with them.  We got summons/complaints from company attorney and when you read the stuff in them, your blood pressure jumps off the chart.  These people are all about obtaining what makes them richer by any means. Oh, telling the truth is optional in their pursuit or should I say suit.

Someone else in the thread already mentioned it, but here's a link to an article about oil prices.


You'll notice there are no timeframes mentioned.  It's going to take a while for prices to come back up.  

This is one reason why I encourage my clients to ask for language in their leases allowing the company to shut-in the well indefinitely for free as long as gas prices are below a certain $/MCF adjusted for inflation.  No sense giving away your gas for free.  They can open other people's wells if they want to.


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