I continually hear from anti shale people that the  "...ODNR works hand in hand with the industry...". This is meant to imply that the industry has control over the ODNR and will prevent regulation of the industry. This is nonsense.

Yes the ODNR does work with the industry, and we, the citizens of Ohio want this relationship. Part of the mandate of ODNR is to responsibly develop the natural resources of the state of Ohio for the benefit of the citizens of our state. In order to accomplish this part of the mission the ODNR should work with the industry in order to develop best practices and effective regulation.

I have worked in, managed, and owned several businesses. One of the most difficult parts of running a business is complying with all of the regulations. When you read these you know that the people who wrote them didn't have a clue as to how your business worked; and how the regulations hurt you business.

I applaud the ODNR for working with the industry, we want safe development of our natural resources and at the same time we want development that will be of benefit to the state economy. This cannot be accomplished without a partnership between the ODNR and industry. 

To insinuate that the people that work at the ODNR are corrupt is unfair and unconscionable. It is unfair and unconscionable because there is no proof of such corruption. In fact my dealings with the people at the ODNR have always  lead me to admire and respect their dedication to their jobs and the citizens of Ohio.

This claim of corruption is just more proof of the depravity of those who oppose shale development. There is no limit to their lack of character. Misinformation innuendo,rumors and lies are their stock in trade.

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Very well said Mark. 

As long as they dont screw up the oil and gas industry like they have our deer herd they should be fine.


That's a different division of the ODNR that deals with the deer.

If you speak with the folks at the Oil & Gas Division I think you'll find that they are trying to get it right.

Just out of curiosity what is your complaint about the deer herd ?

Correct but they are under the same director...the lack of a deer herd and a management plan is my complaint but that's not for this site

it does draw a parallel - in the sense that it appears the ODNR is working with the car insurance industry to decimate the deer herd.

i guess the difference would be that they are not working with the car insurance industry "to responsibly develop the natural resources of the state of Ohio for the benefit of the citizens of our state" but rather to irresponibly manage a natural resource for the benifit of the insurance industry.



Booger and Eric,

Let us get real for a second. The Insurance industry is not the only group in Ohio that needs to see the deer herd reduced.

How about the Grain farmer that grows Corn and Beans only to see 10 to 15 % of his crop eaten.

How about the Fruit Farmers that see their trees rubbed or their crop eaten.

How about the drivers that have to pay the higher insurance rates because of the deer damage to cars.

How about the people that are injured in the accidents. The families of the ones killed?

All these people want the deer herd reduced even more.

I as a hunter want to see the herd reduced more so that it is not affected by things like blue tongue, CWD.

What do you want? The old herds in PA where there were undersized deer because there was not enough food. Browse lines in the woods? Not me.



i hear you Keith............except they dont seem to be doing it very smart.......would love to debate it but this is not really the forum.

OK Other topics are more important!

 Think my deer are fine! Just need less Coyotes!


Booger and Eric,

ODNR is seeking your input!

Go to wildohio.com to get the details.



I don't have allot of experience with the ODNR except that when the Marcellus/Utica was first heard of back around 2010, they put on seminars that were free for landowners.  I went to the one in Stark County that was conducted by Dale Arnold.  By the way, Dale Arnold is who I talked with back in the early 90s about leasing my farm so he knows both side of the situation.  In this meeting, it was neither in favor of the oil and gas companies or the landowner.  It was a factual meeting to give us all information to make informed decisions.   The room was packed and by luck, there were no "anti-frack nuts" there to disrupt the meeting.  There were questions ask and answered during the night.   In my opinion, the ODNR did an excellent job during the presentation. 

Although Dale Arnold has a good working relationship with folks in the Gas and Oil Division of ODNR, he is actually the Director of Energy Policy for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. As such, he travels the state helping folks work through multiple energy issues including wind and solar as well as gas and oil. His next gig that I know of will be on March 18 at the Mid-East Ohio Vocational School in Buffalo, Ohio, where he will be advising landowners with old leases.

Thank you David for an example of how our agencies should work.


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