If your lease says its a gross lease no pre or post deductions can the gas co. still take deductions in the state of PA. I was told the state of PA. will let the gas co. take deductions even if the lease says its a gross lease ?   Any one please response  

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You'd be good in West Virginia.  I don't know the PA laws, though.

Regardless, you have to watch them closely because they'll take deductions even when they know they're not supposed to.  It's a business decision.  They'll make more money taking the deductions from everybody and paying out settlements for the few royalty owners that actually sue them.

Hey Jeff,
I don't Believe that for one minute if I were you I would call an attorney and find out and or a state legislator member to look that over as well as call the state attorney general's office.thats contract law and the government can't make an all incompesing law of that nature. That would affect a lot of businesses!


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