Well, it's been about 10 years, but all of the property is now in units. I've read it can take up to a year or more before we start seeing any income. Anyone have any experiences with EQT you would care to share?

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Hey Carp--I just thought there was a certain procedure they were required to follow. I guess not. I'm going to keep digging. If I find out anything useful, I'll put it up here.

Good luck in your quest, and I'll look for any updates or info you may find.

If anyone is following EQT, here's an interesting article from West Virginia: 


James , are you able to talk about activity going on in Center Township? I am a royalty owner, Hampson heir on 3 parcels in Greene county, Center and Jackson townships. Live in Virginia and would hope for some info from locals who can let me know what is going on with EQT and Marcellus drilling. Thanks.


Hard for me to say. I no longer live in Greene County. I'm up in Maine now. Like you, all Iknow is what I can find on line and through other discussions like this. Finding out what is happening is like reading tea leaves. There are a couple of other web site that can give you information:




The first one you've probably seen. It takes you to the Greene County Recorder's Office. The second one is a discussion forum like this one, but it has been around longer.

Have you ever spoke to a mineral fund about selling your fractional interest? I know most people are usually not in favor of it but there's a reason why astute oil and gas investors in the Marcellus are selling off left and right. There are some very good companies currently buying in PA - one of them being Pikewood Energy. Food for thought. 

If "astute" investors are selling off left and right why is Pikewood Energy (and about 100 other companies like Pikewood) buying?  I'm pretty sure it isn't from the goodness of their own hearts.

I am finding even fractional interests bring in a good chunk of change.  Not life changing but awesome padding.

I considered selling my O&G rights last year. Contacted a couple of companies, but ultimately decided to wait until December of this year and then consider it again. There were a couple of reasons I didn't sell. First was the most up front reason: I wasn't offered as much as I wanted/needed to get. How much is that? Enough to invest in commercial property here in Maine or back in PA. The other reason is that I don't think the playing field is level for sellers. I found the people I dealt with to be pretty honest and straight forward, but what I did find out is that the market for O&G rights is a small world and the buyers/brokers are all in touch with one another. The implicit, and sometimes explicit, fact is that they (brokers/buyers) really dislike it when you shop your rights around, looking for the best deal. They want you to state how much you want, and then they'll try their best get you to accept less. I understand buy low, sell high, but this, of course, is not at all how one handles a property transaction. Unfortunately, the system seems to be designed for the ignorant and desperate. I'm in neither category, yet.

Pikewood, just as all the other purchasers of your interests pay pennies on the $, You as a seller need to be the (Astute One). Just as an example, a friend of mine owns under 4 acres and is receiving on average $ 800.00 per month in royalties depending on market. That’s just in the Marcellus Play, it’s not a Large amount but then again its not a large tract of land either. There are over over 7 plays/tracts or layers of this valuable resource under Pa, I’ve heard of up to 14 with the south west and north east areas being in the hot zone, State Gamelands 179 well site is just now clearing land for pipeline, it has over 20 wells permitted and or in the process of permitting with the Marcellus and the Genesee play being drilled, production reports on both plays have been very productive in the area. Prices being paid for your interests are less than 10% of their value and in my opinion, you as a seller should consider that when selling? Pikewood and all the rest are literally raking in your $ right out from underneath you. At approximately $300.00 a month per acre depending on your lease/interests, over years and plays of production, add up pretty quick. And here’s what the Pikewood’s will tell you, less tax, instant payout, no more waiting for your $. Yea that Sounds good especially to them, if your going to consider selling, why not sell per play/layer. I’ve talked to them all, over the years, started out in 07, at that time there were maybe 2 buyers one I know for sure, now there plastered all over the place like political signs from heaven, and flyers in your mail, they were offering $25.00 an acre within a week they called and tripled the offer, now they say anywhere from $ 4000.00 to $7,000.00 an acre and that in my opinion should be per play/layer!!! It’s your choice to sell and That’s all gone when ya do, $300.00 per acre per play per year? Add it up, make that part of your retirement, not Pikewood’s. JIMHO

Appreciate your opinions and to some degree you have a lot of valid points. However, I believe divesting is a personal financial decision that needs to be made by the Seller in their own unique situation. Many will argue it's not wise, others will say 'live for the moment'. There's really no 'right' or 'wrong' answer. Look, there's no doubt the long-term potential outweighs any short-term "sellout" however the variables of economics are too hard to predict (well control, price of gas, consolidations, etc). The list goes on and on. You can certainly sell off a specific zone if wanted. Point being is this: What's a mineral owner to do when A) they can't lease due to Operations in effect B) No specific time frame for production to occur C) they receive an offer that is upwards of $6500-$8k/acre?

Obviously, for some, whether you need the money or not, the lump sum at the lower tax rate looks attractive. It is what it is. Whether it's smart or not is ultimately up to them (the mineral owner) to decide. At the end of the day, it's a business for the mineral funds. Of course they're in it for long-term profit but then again, what company in any industry isn't? Furthermore, there are actually a few good funds out there (like Pikewood) that do the buying process in a stress-free, no pressure environment. If it's coming into your home via mail, throw it away. Why would anyone in today's age answer a solicitation on a post card that's been sent to thousands of people in the same vicinity? That seems lazy to me and it doesn't make any seller feel 'unique'.

Lastly, I wasn't suggesting Mr. Lindstrom sell but rather simply asked him if he ever spoke to a fund like Pikewood about selling. Most don't know the process and never look at the idea again once they throw that postcard away.


RGB, we appreciate your comments as just that, comments. As Old Timer points out WV and many others from neighboring stars have been hit with negative results from separation. The great state of WV was robbed, raped and devastated  from coal barons, the timber industry and now oil and gas Astutes as you call them. As I State and still believe if these so called Astutes would offer your $6500.00 to $8000.00 an acre per play then that’s a different playing field,  you know that I know that and so do the Astutee’s . Cheers to you as well. 

I think the lonely Pikewood fisherman has reeled in his line from here for now, but don’t believe they’re done for a minute, I think he’s gonna try some different bait? Gotta love the Astute's on this site . Keeping it real and up to date


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