Sorry if missed it somewhere . On pad that has six wells say 1000 per acre. Is it 1000 per acre for the pad or 1000 per acre per well or otherwise it would 6000 per acre Many thanks Ron

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Are you asking about signing bonuses per acre?  Or the payment for having a well pad on your property?

neither royalty amounts per month

I'm not an expert but I've been told that you can expect $2 to $3 per day per acre (this would depend on the amount of gas being produced and the selling price).  The $1000  you mentioned, may be what you might expect per acre per year.  That would be for 1 well so 6 wells would be about $6000 per acre per year. 

If someone has better information, let us know.

$2 to $3 dollars per acre per day? That doesn't make sense? Seems awfully low compared what they are offering for bonus consideration and to purchase minerals outright.

I'm in Carroll county;  The $2-3 a day is nor far off what I'm getting  ( 12.5% Gross lease) and what I'm hearing from many other land owners. I too was all excited about the "$1000 per acre per month" stories; certainly not happening very often if at all.

It depends on your area.  Where are you located?  What is your royalty %?

I am in northwest monroe county ohio lots of drilling in area

I am in northwest monroe county @ 20% gross. Lots of drilling close mostly by Gulfport and others.

I wonder if posting royalty figures on the site violates some rule or section of a lease agreement concerning confidentiality.

It seems that with so many receiving royalties SOMEONE would come on site and say "we received about $xxxx per acre per month" or something similar, allowing those of us upstream from receiving royalties to have some starting point as to what we may expect when our day comes.

Yes I agree David.  I would be curious to know $$ per acre per month figures for anyone in Monroe County.  I believe I saw some figures a few months ago on one of the blogs but not sure it was Monroe county OH.

$100 per acre per day, from a very, very small sample size reported from a well in Guernsey county Ohio.

What if I wanted to sell my mineral rights of which is under a current lease to a drilling company, how much should I expect to be offered? I have 135 Acres.


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