My sisters and i inherited the mineral rights to approximately 100 acres in Westland Township, Guernsey Co, and we wondered if anyone knows of any leasing in that area, any land groups. We just wonder if there is any action we could take or do you just wait to be approached by a company who may be interested. We are rather novices at this so any information would be greatly appreciated. If this is the wrong place to pose this question just point me in the right direction!! Thanks!! Kathy L.

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Thank you for replying!! I'll just show how unfamiliar I am with things. Who is EQT? I live in Zanesville. I try to read everything in the news and try to inform myself with online information. Need to learn more

Look under the contact us section at upper right of their home page. There is a number for land leasing inquiries.

Oh, ok! Thank you so much!!
Kathy, Before you call EQT, check them out and see how they treat landowners in Pa.

Well, when I looked at their website I couldn't see any way to inquire about Ohio activity, anyway! Just NY, Penn, Va, and WVa. But I am certainly open to any ideas anyone has to offer. Thank You!!

Try the Guernsey county group and the discussions on here about leases.   'How much are deductions draining your royalty check?'

but Guernsey county group is a pay to participate group.

Thank you!


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