Last year, the United States experienced a series of catastrophic weather events that challenged the durability and resilience of regional power grids. These put to the test the different energy sources we rely on to power American homes and businesses. First, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast in much of Texas and western Louisiana. Then Hurricane Irma swept over much of Florida. Finally, after a summer of tropical destruction, the winter brought the "Bomb Cyclone," a deep freeze affecting much of the Northeast and New England. Although each event affected the nations’ power grids differently, there was one consistent result: The natural gas system continued to serve regional grids reliably throughout each one. A review of performance in Florida, the Gulf Coast and northeastern states during and after these three weather events was recently published by analytics expert RBN Energy, on behalf of the Natural Gas Council. RBN found that natural gas convincingly and consistently rose to the challenge of each event. In fact, the system performed remarkably.

Washington Examiner

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