Hi everybody! Just touching base with the old gang who used to respond to my posts before the big change. I'm so glad we have our old site back....!

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testing rely.......

having issues replying

Glad to be back to this

Me too!

Testing ...

Hope this works.

Used to be a great site and so much is happening there in the Appalachian Basin.

I am very happy for you folks, collectively speaking, as the economic upturn is underway.

Test message and if shows heeeeeeeeeeelow once again.

Hey Billy Park Whyde. Happy to hear you again.

@ lance


You Old Shaler.

Glad to see you back

Outback is back.

Still lurking in the shadows ; )

Hi all

Look at all the good things happening around here.....! Jobs Jobs Jobs... good jobs too. Not the part time minimum wage Obama bragged about but good energy related, coal, oil and gas, pipeline, steel, power plants and more! Thanks to D.J.T.!!!  Had the "Hilda Beast" been elected POTUS none of these good things would be happening. Thank you Donald J. Trump!



Triple ditto.

Foxconn is going to build a multibillion dollar plant up there in union country rather than expand in China.

That single fact alone should scream volumes about what you all have up there.

Think the steel industry only petrochemicals being made in the least costly place on the planet.

Big word of caution, though, people like that jerk with the glasses and smarmy grin who kept posting here will continue to try to stifle you all.

Vigorous,constructive engagement will be required for years to come lest your bounty be stolen from your families.


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