Who is Pathfinder and what are they doing in Monroe twn, Harrison cty?

Tossed a Pathfinder guy off the property the other day.  They didn't have permission to be there.  Said he was 'mapping".  He was hanging blue and white ribbons all over the place.   Just who are they, what are they doing and who do they work for?  any ideas?

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Sorry, I thought you meant Panhandle

I think they are mapping out for the seismic testing dudes......maybe marking paths for the little drilling rigs used to put the charges underground....in franklin/stock I moved a bunch of their ribbons off of my property and re-tied them to the property lines...........they don't seem to be very accurate with their mapping skills............not to mention marching all over the woods during prime hunting time.....the deersville area is absolutely polluted with ribbons


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