Why America does not trust lying anti-American leftists and environmentalists


I found the above article cruising the energy page of realclearpolitics.com. Every time I see this Heckbert character on this site I think about Algore and his idiotic environmentalist stances and predictions.

I also know that these leftists are really anti-capitalist and anti-American, they lie and lie, and then lie some more.

For every truth they rarely tell there are a litany of lies, half truths and obfuscations.

I also remember barakHUSSEINobama in 2008 running for president saying:

"We could save all the oil that they're talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups."

Barack Obama on Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 in Springfield, Mo.

The only thing more absurd than the statement he made was Politifact actually backing it up:


So, you have a choice and most of us make the right one. The problem is the few who do not are the loudest in denouncing the rest of us.

Sad part is that environmentalism is a worthy cause and these people neuter the cause with their abhorrent behaviors.

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The sad thing is that people such as P.H, on this site, get way with posting their lies. The compliant lap dog media is all to happy to reproduce and support the lies of the environmental left. Because most of the members of the main stream media are leftists themselves.

Even sadder is the gaggle of low hanging fruit who get their "information" from Colbert and the other angry communist white guy, what's his name, the guy with the show, Moyer or Mahler or something ?

Anyhow, eventually they bump up against reality, and as our American energy dynamic relates to the leftists it always is found that renewables, green energy and the scapegoating of fossil fuels will absolutely fall well short.

The choice for us is to ignore the liars, malcontents and community organizer types like Heckbert or to confront them with the cold hard truth of reality.

I go either way, I have a life with many things required of me and sometimes the time to address these issues would take up the 6 hours I waste trying to sleep.

I always enjoy reading your comments and I thank you for replying to my thread.

"I also know that these leftists are really anti-capitalist and anti-American"

What you wrote, relative to reality, is praise for them.  So I do not agree.  What they are are watermelons, green on the outside, red on the inside.  If you doubt this, consider the current, ongoing, Sanders campaign, and the millions of rabid followers he commands.  Sanders readily ADMITS to being a socialist, for goodness sake.  Anyone with sense knows he is a communist, as is Obama (read his book).

Not many years ago such as these, here in the USA, would have been risking a firing squad.  Today their followers are many.  Communism is winning.  Santa Claus is tough competition.  If Hillary is victorious, things will become much, much worse;  be prepared to kiss The Constitution of the United States of America good-bye, along with our Republic.  Be prepared for the Bill of Rights . . . to become the Bill of Wrongs.

You don't have to agree, but my contention is solid. Many times when I write about the various leftist forms of government and particularly as I relate them to barakHUSSEINobama I am challenged to define socialism, Marxism, communism and others.

All you really need to know of all of them is that they are anti-individual freedoms forms of government control o the populace whose common enemy is capitalism because capitalism is the greatest threat to them as it is a far superior system, if checked at some level.

Be real, Sanders is an old kook who motivates those who cannot do for themselves or are lazy enough both mentally, physically and emotionally that they would fall into the socialist trap.

But we do need to take a real long and hard look at how our capitalist system has been corrupted by the crony capitalists and their political prostitutes.

Even more realistic is the fact that Bernie Sanders cannot possibly win the democrat nomination. The democrats are already wedded to Hillary and they have set in motion a nominating process which assures her nomination even if they have to marginalize their own voters as they did in New Hampshire.

Thanks for going easier on me this time around. I wonder, it seems as if you and I are pretty similar but it also seems there is something personal on your side that you hold against me.

Anyhow, thank you for the response.

The checks and balances are pretty weak today. Any system of govt will eventually crumble when there are those that currupt and steal at the rate it is happening today. Sanders and Trump are popular for the same reasons, just different issues. Our Federal Reserve recently raised the interest rate 1/4% to slightly raise inflation. This didn't work and prompted some of the extreme wealthy of the world to take money out of investments and put it in negative interest bonds to keep it safe. Now there is talk around the world to have negative interest rates. If they wanted to create a small amount of inflation the only logical thing to do would have been to raise minimum wage a quarter. We would get a small amount of inflation and have more money flowing thru the economy. How unfair to raise the interest rate and cause higher prices when many are working two jobs just to break even or fall behind. The middle class isn't just sliding slightly to the upper and lower class, it is moving to the extremes. Our economy will not sustain itself if this continues. The state of opportunity in the USA is to the point that the flow of people crossing on our southern border has reversed. Lack of opportunity breeds political and social extremism.

People have no idea how the Fed and the government assist the investors and the banks in manipulating money to their advantage which is the disadvantage to guys like me and presumably you.

The only news on late last nite when I got home was Aljajer. They had a whole 1/2 hour dedicated to a journal about the connections of the current top four presidential candidates to Banks & Wall Street. One could debate who are the top four but.......Trump although having no Super-Pacs or campaign contributors, relies on borrowing millions at a time from them for his business ventures, deals as he calls them. Clinton has deep ties getting millions handed to her for talking to them? Cruz's wife works for them and has arranged large low & no interest loans for Cruz. Rubio is the deepest down the cess pool with them. His top two campaign directors are top Wall Steet lobbyist. Whoever gets elected puts their generous donors in cabinet positions where they can continue there lobbying from the inside. It is so sad where we have let our country go.

Why does being anti capitalist mean being anti American, Look at the damage of this"free flow of goods and services" and " Global Marketplace" Bullshit  has done to especially the Ohio Valley. Although I agree that that the environmental nuts can't face reality but even their tech in the form of a flyash to wallboard plant has created jobs. I would have to say basd on the evidence that it is capitialism in its current form that is anti American


Capitalism is the backbone of any government that allows power to the people and not central control.

That is why anti-capitalism is also anti-Americanism.

The problem we have currently is crony capitalism and a government that is prostituted to the sinful side of capitalism.

Every system needs a check on its' power.

What do all socialists have in common ?

The fact that the failures of every socialist country has been because they were not the guy implementing their own particular flavor of socialism.

I have touched a nerve, obviously, if not with you then with the two respondents below.

Globalism has ruined too much of this country, because our own stupid people negotiated trade deals to their benefit but to the detriment of the people as a whole.

Knowing that, what would be the public reaction if you closed all the Walmart stores and forced folks to but American made goods only ?

Same thing with energy, this country gave away tremendous sums of wealth to many oil producing countries who hate our guts and would use those funds against us.

At the end of the day it was our own government who treasoned (I know it is not a word) its' own people with its' energy policies.

Shale changed that, upended the entire dynamic, but in the end out produced what the market could bear and crashed the whole thing.

 Well Dave one thing is that Walmart garnered their original following by selling Made in America products only, but that is the past. The price at the pump has shown how important our fledgling shale oil%gas industry so I would have to purpose a socialist idea that we use public money if need be to subsidize these drillers until the markets stabilizes. Saudi said they can push the price down to 20$BBL so hey we do it with crops why not with shale? I realize that its socialist but use of public money here could be the difference.

Can someone moderate these childish name-calling political posts?


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