This is a decent site, I suspect it's monitored by the majors.  The undertone of the posts seems to be fear, imo.  You have a reason to be afraid as you are in a position where information is asymmetric.  They have it, you don't.  You know you're bringing a knife to a gun fight.  John Meynard Keynes said " in the long run, we're all dead".  Unwillingness to compromise or negotiate is the last resort of the ignorant.  No one gets the top price in the stock market, don't expect it in O&G.  Life isn't fair, cut your own deal and move on.  Anyone who tries to extrapolate recent deals is a fool.  You can't know all the variables.  Have I left out any cliches?


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Ann one only has to look at what happened when smokers sat back and said nothing about the anti smokers.  One only has to look at the tactics the anti frackers use. As a American i always fear it when ever a group of any sort tries to take away freedoms that I as a veteran have fought for. 

No, I'm not anti-fracking; I'm considered "an apologist for the industry" by anti-frackers..

Agreed that some local smoking bans are over-reaching.  But I don't think it's unreasonable for me to be banned from smoking where others could be harmed by second-hand smoke. 

that compromise has led to individuals being banned from smoking in their own condos they bought! Another thing is the SHS myth,  if it was so dangerous as the propaganda they persist upon pushing upon the population I doubt in any of us would be over 50 years old! 

 When I grew up smoking was a social accepted practice, Hospital had ashtrays at the bed side, smoking was in the doctors office where the doctor smoked his pipe. You could smoke on planes and trains, we ate snow laden with nuclear testing fallout. 

 Had SHS been so dangerous there would be probably 80% of the US drawing workers compensation!  But they main promoter of the SHS myth is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation aka Johnson & Johnson that has the market cornered on smoking cessation high priced meds. Even the American Cancer Society cashes in making over $9,000,000 in one year by being partners in a quit line! 

 On the O&G industry side we see alternative energy wanting to stop O&G anyway they can, they want funding. 

 Ann did you know the US Surgeon General was a trustee of the RWJF! US secretary of Health and Human Services William Corr former assistant director of Tobacco Free Kids created by  the RWJF with $68,000,000 and the HHS now passes out stimulus money for smoking bans to increase the sales of J&J products. 

  Can't help to wonder who the EPA is controlled by. 

the banning of ddt is a good example of liberal crisis management. hundreds of thousands have died world-wide because of rachel carson's book silent spring. actually it's in the hundreds of millions, from mosquito borne diseases. mostly in africa.

on a side note, a major state office building in harrisburg pa, is named the rachel carson building.

Mark McGrail I like your thinkin'!

People may think (and it's the people who are massaged into thinking they are leaders for their cause) that they are doing their part in "saving the world from ourselves."  But, sadly, it is they themselves who are unwitting pawns for someone else's hidden agenda.

If people actually researched the people behind their causes, they may find that they themselves are in the expendable line.  (e.g. Alice Bailey, Margaret Sanger.)   Yikes!

They're only encouarged to speak because they're useful at the moment.  We can liken it to a line from one of Arnie's movies..."You're funny. That's why I'm going to kill you last."  Or something like that.  Should the Fractivist's start to think for themselves and research the material they've been given, the smack down will be on! 


If you think ol' Margaret was scary check out Alice Bailey and the organization she has spawned! 

It is, or should be, common knowledge that a little boy by the name of Adolf was impressed with the thoughts of Sanger and Bailey and their kind.

We're back to the question of where you get your information, and whose money is behind that. 

DDT is a dangerous toxin. Monsanto marketed it for years, and continues to fight lawsuits related to the production of DDT and PCBs. There are far better ways to combat malaria, and the global community agreed to the Stockholm Convention in 2001 banning its use except in countries where malaria control was transitioning to other options.

So who wants us to think DDT was saving lies? Monsanto, of course. Which is why they fund The American Council on Science and Health and other pseudo-science groups to sell their story about how much we need DDT. 

Here's why I'm afraid: there are lots of big corporations, doing lots of harmful things, and rigging the regulatory process so no one can stop them. And when people say "Hey, I think that made me sick," they play the same game they've been playing for years. They deny it, they discredit the people who raise the questions, they pour lots of money into front groups that say "see, this is all great!" Pesticides, pharmaceuticals, GMOs, food additives, tobacco, asbestos, agent orange, lead paint, and yes, I'm afraid, shale gas drilling. 

Absolutely correct, Mark.


As a child of a crop duster, I grew up around the stuff (DDT 2,4-D, etc.).  I'm still here (& so is my dad), but billions of food-destroying bugs ain't!  And guess what: it don't bother me in the least.

HB (professional chemist)

PCBs, DDT, and dioxin are all considered persistent organochlorides, and most recent toxicology tests find similar problems with all three. They are most harmful to fetuses and infants, even in small amounts. They persist in the environment - and in the human body - and as amount increases, they cause cancers, liver tumors, other fun stuff. There are plenty of studies but the links tend to be ten miles long since they're academic documents. 

But DDT was never banned in developing nations, despite all the hype about environmentalists killing babies. Instead, mosquitoes started developing a resistance to DDT back in the 60s, and most countries realized that DDT was not going to be a long term malaria solution. It's still allowed - but not used much. Lots of good links here:

But again - we're back to information. Who started the "environmentalists are killing millions" song and dance? And why? Who is behind the fake science sites praising DDT? Here's an interesting perspective:


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