I'm looking to lease my mineral rights in Belmont County.

Any suggestions as to what group or company might be interested?

Anyone else care to put our minds together to get the best deal for us landowners?

I'm Not in this to profit or gain a percentage of anyone's lease.

I seek only to band together and form a small group of landowners, agree on a fair lease with royalties and hopefully gain some group-leverage with oil companies!

I intend to LEASE... NOT SELL my mineral rights!

Unlike a most recent offer from a supposed/royalties group locally... I won't Sell.

Why Sell the Cow when you can MILK it for the next several decades!

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No, some signed leases with Range/Great Lakes before the big money was being paid.  I believe those leases were sold to Chesapeake.

Pick a good one, McKim!!

Hi Jim,

Here is all my contact information. I am in my office today until 10 a.m.


Greg Hamilton
Independent Small Business Consultant

295 West Willow Drive
Zanesville, Ohio 43701


GH Sports Services

Per the meeting I attended last night... Rice Energy is still interested in leasing additional properties in Belmont County.

We and a neighbor signed with Shell oil, very good lease agreement we were in a big group from northern counties We are located around Piedmont lake area.

Also Beck oil drilled a well in St. Clairsville,

Another company leased all of Barnsville,OH, they paid $5700 an acre.

FYI; Rice is signing leases again, and they're paying a premium if anyone still hasn't leased in Belmont Co.  

ALL DEPENDS on what part of Belmont county, too.   Rice doesn't want ALL of it. 

Obviously, after signing the large S-G acreage, Rice isn't going to take everything. They are now going to selectively fill in around their existing holdings to create drilling units.

I just came down off of Woods Road coming from 250 into Brookside.  Appears like some possible seismic testing is being done or getting close to being done.  Saw some geophones down Woods Road until about the halfway point then they go off into a field.

Hi, can anyone tell me what happens to the people that have 3 or 4 acres and were annexed into a town?    I'm off Rt 250 close to Bridgeport with a Martins Ferry mailing address. None of my neighbors have heard anything.


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