Recently this group has a bunch of new members but still has very little activity. How about ALL members sharing what they know is happening in Belmont County. Have you or any of your neighbors signed a lease? Have you or your neighbors been approached with any lease offers? Do you know of any landowner groups in Belmont County? What issues have you had to deal with in this process? Is anyone looking a pipeline right-of-way leases? What terms do you want in your lease when you do finally sign and why? The more information we share here with each other, the better prepared we will all be when we do sign leases and cash in on the mineral wealth under our lands in Belmont County.

PS - I am participating in the Smith-Goshen Landowners group, a landowner based, non-profit group. See for an explanation of what a landowner non-profit is and how it works.

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Thanks for the info, we were not informed of this deal. Maybe the statement Gulfport is not going to drill is true, because Axebridge is doing the drilling. I will check my contract.

The assignment from Gulfport to Axebridge is just for an overriding royalty interest, not the whole lease.  It's 1/3 of the difference between 25% and existing burdens (landowner royalty).  So if Gulfport signed everyone at 15% then Axebridge would get 1/3 of 10% (25%-15% LOR=10%).  

I wonder how much Axebridge paid Gulfport for that? I assume Gulfport did this for some drilling cash?

Couldn't have been much more than $1,500/acre according to my math.

That is a pretty good return for Gulfport then for that %.

I talked with Gulfport yesterday. They plan on drilling in all of their units by 2015. Good news for all of us that have leased to them.

Has anyone heard what is going on with those who signed with the Lenseman Group? 

I just started reading these posts today,  a bunch of Amish and some others signed about two months ago across the street from me.  We are in guernsey but right up against the belmont line. They told me they got $5250 / ac  and 20% .  i have a good friend who signed with them so i know its true.   i got the name for any of you who want it.   Carrizo Oil  337 354 3309  .  i have nothing to do with them, im leased with Oxford for ten bucks..  maybe it will help somebody...

Wonder how land owner friendly there lease is ?

I understand it took along time to sign the amish and they got everthing they wanted. They had months and months of meetings. Wish I was in with them.

Yea , that's good news for them .

hello Robert what part of belmont county does this join with .


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