Attached map shows a spectrum analysis of oil production in Stark County. 

The analysis is based on the average production of the top 3 years (from 1984 to 2011).  The counts in the index area show two totals.  First value shows total wells in this spectrum and second, in parenthesis, show  wells still active. 

Yellow = greater then 2000barrels/yr; darkyellow = 1000-2000;  orange = 800-1000; red = 600-800; darkred = 400-600; lightgreen = 200-400; green = 100-200; darkgreen = under 100; black = no oil production

If you click the pins they show well data and provide a link to ODNR well production info.

First file requires Google Earth viewer.

The second file is a picture of the map (in case you do not have google earth)

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