A pad is being built just down our road in Osnaburg Township. They moved a housing trailer in today and the roads to the pad are finally being paved.  What are we in store for when the road is finished?  Is the drilling noisy?  How many trucks will be on the road?

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We also live in Osnaburg Twsp. Broadway Ave. where are they putting the pad in at.... I mean what road? Is it Indian Run? Thank you

They are paving Orchardview between Rt 44 and Indian Run and then Indian Run between Orchardview and past Crestlawn to the pad.

The road is done and the rig is up.  From the rumbling, it sounds (and feels) like they may be drilling. 

They are already taking equipment away from the site.  What does that mean?

From what I heard today from who I believe to be a good source, they say they did hit and alot earlier than they expected to.  So they are headed to Carrolton. Wish they would stay right around here and just drill, drill, drill. I am ready.

Anyone know what is going on with the drevon well?

The Drevon well 8h is producing according to the odnr website.


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