Please  report any info on this well...anyone know when it will be started?

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Any activity at the well site?

The pond area was approved last month by the State.

Thx George keep us posted on any other developments...

Its been months any news on drilling this well?

I have seen the seismic crew wander around MCcoy's..any more info?

I wish I knew what was going on. Range wont return me calls.  I am waiting to here word on the pump station that was to go in at Mcmichaels for the Noss unit. If John Mc Coy knows anything about his property he's not saying.   

Seitel crew..were at our old farm today. On hwy. 30.... past intersection of 18 and 30.....right before Harshaville Road in Hanover Township.  I was told they were also on Old Mill Creek Road too, in Greene Township....

does anyone have any info on what is happening with this well?

Any news here?

As of today I was told drilling will be 2021. They are currently looking to put in an access road, either my property or next to me.

Thank you George keep us posted..


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