CHK paid $6.49, Mitsui paid $7.12 and Statoil paid $3.05 for January gas. Don't have Anadarko yet. Is this for real?

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Is that the total amount paid? :)

Send a copy to State AG Kathleen Kane. I'm sure she'll get a 'kick out of it'!

word is wayne, that in some areas chk's price was over $8.

it's real, the nymex has nothing to do with Marcellus pricing. our royalties are based on the actual sales price here in Bradford county.

with the cold weather this winter and low storage numbers, this is gonna be a good year for gas.


Anadarko  paid $  4.43 Mitsui $7.09 and Chesapeake $6.46  for our January gas, funny how that works I need to be your part of Bradford county, pays better lol

Chesapeake paid $3.049 for 1/14. 

Thought original post was for total--which is possible by what I hear...

CHK paid 8.45 and Staoil paid3.06 deductions way down for CHK and alittle lower for Statoil

Here are my Jan. numbers for Wilmot twp. Stat - $3.06, Mitsui - $4.67, Anadarko - $4.45, Chesapeake - $8.43 w/12% deductions versus $3.69 w/26% deductions last month, and $3.26 w/37% deductions the previous month. AMAZING!

Same!!! It's about time maybe if we have a polar vortex for the next 30 yrs we can make some money

I always seem to get the worst from the Struble well. CHK was $6.47 and Statoil was $3.04 for Jan. The volume went up quite a bit compared to previous months so they had to be tamping it back on the low prices.

CHK having a change of heart?.............when is HB1684 going up for vote?

deductions are not a percentage of your royalties, they are fixed costs. $X per mcf.

therefore as gas prices rise, the deductions calculated as a percentage of your royalties will go down.

the costs per mcf will remain the same.


Im in Bradford and Talisman has done nothing with me. They keep pulling deals away from us. Makes mesick.


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