Is there any leasing now or in the past in Butler County. If so what are the terms

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Where are the Marburger wells that I keep seeing in posts? Are they on Watters Station Rd on Ron Marburger's property?
When I drove from Mars to Evans City, I saw activity on the right hand side of the Mars-Evans City road, just before you get to the Dairy. I would guess that that could be a wellsite getting set up. I know where Ron lives, but I haven't gone past his home in the last couple of years.
It looks like there is something happening on the top of the hill across from Ron's place on Watters Station Rd. We are on Browns Mill and have had quite a bit of contact from Western Land
This well is producing. I live in Renfrew on top of a hill and watched them flare it sometime in the fall. I think they are putting in a second well...
They are fracking the second well on the Marburger property right now. Been at it for a week now.
I think the small green tanks are for collecting the small amount of water the well may continue to produce. The small amount of above ground piping is the actual well head. The company's P. Knauff #1H, the first horizontal well in the county, is on Prospect Road in Forward Township. If you ever get one of Rex's Butler Marcellus brochures, they have pictures from the road of the P. Knauff well during drilling and a few months after. Shelly, what are the Marburger wells? I can't find any reference to them in prior posts.
I saw it in several posts and cannot find clear info on where these wells are. There were papers filed for 2 wells in Forward Township in the beginning of 2009. Sites both contained "Olive Marburger Living Trust" in names. There looks to be some sort of activity on Watters Station Rd and we were wondering if that was the Marburger wells as many Marburgers live in that area.
Can anybody tell me what royalties are about, and how much royalty checks are usually worth? I know it can be 12.5% to up to 15%, but how do you know how much gas the well produces and all of that? If your property size is around 5 acres, assuming a 13% royalty, is there any way to reasonably know what you your royalty payment would be? Sorry if this question has been asked/answered... I'm new to this stuff and my head is spinning already!
15% might be nice but 20% is not out of reach - and get them to explain the market enhancement clause that Chesapeake uses. You may have to wait awhile to get the kind of money they give in Texas for the Barnett shale [which is not as good] but patience is likely to be rewarded. Google what is being paid for the Barnett or for that matter scout around and find what is being paid in Wane County Pa for example.
sam douglass
Thanks, Sam. I appreciate the tips.
Has there been any leases signed in Butler County for the Marcellus gas? I see a lot of
talk, but have not heard of any lease signing! If all this is true about the Marcellus gas,
then why are there no leases being signed (in Butler County)?
I've heard that leases have been signed by folks off of Gudekuntz Road, which is just south of Zelienople.


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