Happy Thanksgiving

The Utica Shale has . Harrison County has about 80 new millionaires too according, to Chris Penrose, an associate professor and extension educator for Morgan County with OSU Extension. Using 2010 census data, which finds that there were 11,126 households in the Carroll County that means that about one in 20 household now contains a millionaire.  

 This is great news and gives many of us a lot to look forward to.

This must be why there is not much activity on the Carroll County Group. Maybe they all got rich and moved south for the winter.  ( I would if I could! )

How many will look at this? 




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I am Happy for them.... looking forward to hear more about the Black Trenton.....I read about this shale bout 5 years ago and I have now just heard people talking about it. I find this all...very interesting !

Wait till Columbiana and Mahoning get developed, even "MO MONEY."


    Just did a quick calculation, 277 years til my first million. I can't wait.

Really, I can't wait.  

I'd be happy if I broke into the 20% tax bracket.

I believe that anyone who wasn't a millionaire by 2014 will remain an average Joe if our producer has their way.

The millionaires were allowed to be made similar to that kid that carries the large stuffed animal through the isles at the carnival in order to get everyone to play the game. The Carneys' win, you lose. That's how I see this deal.


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