Several weeks ago Chesapeake told me in a phone conversation that they planned to build. A Pad on the Ramsey farm this summer. The farm is in rose township on clay rd. has anyone seen/heard anything about this potential well pad? - denver

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Yes it is true. First stakes are in the ground. No permit listed on the current ODNR website.

We were told pad in May, drill June-July, frac there after, and production by December.

Letters were already mailed out about water testing but none have been conducted yet that I know of.

Gerald, Sounds like good news. A question for you. Have you received a new pooling unit contract. The old PU had 321. Acres. but looking @ the water testing map it is not the same area included in the old PU. I only have 3acres from the old family farm so I do not receive the letters others get. Also, have you been given any indication as to how much per acre royalties we can all expect. we are all still under the 12 1/2 percent so I know it is low. I just remembered that when speaking to CSK they said the PU was 160 acres, but they would probably increase it. - Denver


Just talked to our Chesapake Rep.

We have not received a new pooling unit contract. How do you know the old PU was 321 acres?

Guessing on the royalty amount per acre we have been led to believe it could be $300.00 per acre per month at 12.5%. This is figured on a "GOOD" well. Let's all hope it hits.

There is no rule of thumb as to how big an "Oil Pool" is. It all depends on the surrounding land mineral leases and what the ODNR will permit. If all the neighbors leases are held by the same drilling company and the ODNR issues the permit then it could be 1280 acres or less if leases and  ODNR dictates this. Permit and lease holdings will also dictate how many horizontal legs will be drilled from any pad and in what direction.

We will be contacted as soon as our Chesapake Rep. knows for SURE what the FACTS are. Hope this helps and I am optimistic that everyone with a "TOE" in this pad's pool gets some "BIG $$$$$$".

Denver... If you recall I am a part of the 321 acre unit known as the Gallentine unit. I was approached by CHK last week and did sign a ratification agreement for our lease and was advised that we would be a part of the new drilling unit, to be drilled in July. I, too though, have not seen an issued permit. Have you yet been approached? Have you heard anything about the well drilled to the east from us? I believe the name is Ott. If you have any information would you please call me at 330-904-3026. ( name is Joe)

Joe, Just read your text. I will call tomorrow evening. I have not been contacted yet. I will call CHK tomorrow because my land is just timber. I hope thy re including me. Was your land shown on the map sent by the water ttesting co.? I have not seen the map. Let us hope we ll do well with this. Denver
Gerald, The $300/acre/month is what I was led to believe. It will be a nice amt. of "found money" I have a copy of the orig. PU from the late 60's @ that time it was called the Gallentine Unit w/ 321 acres and 7-8 wells. The make-up of this new unit is completely different. I grew up near Joey. I went to school w/ Diane. Tell them both I said hi. My sisters, Donna Locker and Delores Ross, still live on the farm. If you learn anything more please contact me and I will do the same. - Denver
Thanks a lot. I will play with that site tonight. I appreciate the info. Denver


Below is a link from Chesapeake all about the different aspects of shale horizontal drilling. Check it out it's pretty good.

Just checked it out. Interesting site. I signed up for them to send information. Thanks, Denver

Clay Road is now spray painted every 1/4 mile from State Route 171 to Halo Road with RAM 1, then RAM 2 and so on.....I believe this is the first step in blacktop paving for the upcoming pad.

Also we have been contacted by an independent water testing company out Cleveland Ohio to come test our well water on May 15th.

No well permit yet on the ODNR web site.....but will check on their next update at this web site:

then click on:

Recent* Utica Shale - Weekly Permitting Activity
(for week of 4/29/2012)
 View PDF

New ODNR report out. Three new permits but not ours. Bummer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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