It appears from direct conversation with someone that Chevron has leased acreage along Rt. 38 from the PA 478 "T" intersection heading towards Emlenton.

I also know of another newly-leased Chevron parcel along the eastern side of the Allegheny (Metz Rd) in Clarion County.

Terms $3250/ac.  15% net royalty

Additional information anyone?

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Chevron has signed many landowners in Clarion County, the lease they offer is not very landowner friendly, my lawyer instucted me to not sign, to many openings for Chevron to "back-out" and the bonus payments were not guaranteed. I have not heard of anybody getting there bonus. Also they claim that there offer has been reduced to $1500/acre with 15%, the $3250 went away about a month ago (at least thats what they say).

I know of a few of our neighbors and friends have gotten their bonus from Chevron, it was for $3250 an acre.  We have been in contact with Chevron and should be receiving our bonus check within the next few weeks also $3250 an acre.  We also had some very good addendums added to our lease. Our landman tells us the offer now is $2500 an acre.

Mat B... Are you and your neighbors near the Chevron Frill's Corner well?  Do you know how that well went/ or is going?  Did you contact Chevron on your own?  Are you close to pipelines?  Congratulations; I hope all works out for you.

Thanks Buddy! We are not near Frill's Corners and I do not know how that well went.  All I know about that well is that our landman told us it was a test well.  We contacted Chevron but they were leasing a lot of our neighbors. We are located in Salem Township.

Keep us posted.  This is very interesting, and I love it when a landowner deals directly with the gas company!  Are you at liberty to give hints on the addendums?  I hope Chevron moves across Clarion County to the east in the near future!  And I hope the Frill's Corners' well passes the 'test!"  It is good to read something about Clarion County for a change!

Thank you, John.  I'll post again when more information comes my way....


Anyone hear anything going on, or any interest in Madison Twp? Thanks

The companies leasing in that area, mostly Chevron and EdgeMarc are not seriously leasing at this time. Lack of infra-structure is still the main hurdle. They are just shopping around "company leases" that no lawyer would allow anyone to sign. They are throwing out low ball offers and if they can get anyone to sign they are ahead of the game. Do you blame them? Most landowners are waiting for details from the North Washington well once Chevron decides to frack it, but even they are waiting for some pipeline infra-structure. Once there are more data points and pipelines, leasing will again start for real.

We signed with Chevron for $3250 an acre, I do not think that is a lowball offer. Also the lease was not a "company lease", we also had a lawyer that specializes in the oil and gas industry look over the lease before we signed it.  As I stated above we did get some very good addendums added to our lease.

What twp. are you in?


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