A friend called yesterday and said a smaller drilling rig was on site.

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I wonder if that is the top hole rig? I didnt think that all the permits for that site had gone thru yet?

Looks like Chevron got two permits aproved yesterday for the Frills cornor site. One vertical and one horizonal. Nickleville area next? Have not seen the rig, but heard it was small, with some large drill bites.

Where is Frills Corners?

What is the significance of the drill rig being small?  Is it significant about the size of the drill bits?

Is this a Marcellus Well? Utica Well?

Drove by this morning to check it out.


Night shot


Just stoped at the Frills Cornors site, All set up but no crew on site. Drilling rig Highland # 2

Anything happening with the Frills Corners well?

Stopped by the site last night to see how things were going.   Appeared like they may have just cemented a casing string in (cement head on top of casing) waiting on it to set up.  Does anyone around the area know what the plans are? Are they going to be switching rigs out at some point?

I am not sure if this is true, but I heard that the rig they have in place now is only capable of drilling the vertical hole, and that they will need to bring another, bigger rig in when they are ready turn the bore.  I also heard that they were drilling 2 wells on the same pad, and about 15 feet apart.  I don't know how good a source the person I talked to was, and I don't have the technical knowledge to know if this even sounds plausible.

I was out by Frills Corners yesterday. After months of no activity, it is very busy again. Does anyone know if they are getting ready to go horizontal?

The big rig has arrived at Frills Corners and according to "The Clarion News" there are to be two horizontal wells drilled.  They are also in the planning and permitting stage for a gathering pipeline that will go south from these wells toward Elk Twp. to tie in with an existing pipeline.


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