I have 350 ac. and a house on Barker rd.  Im leased with Eclipse. The pletcher Pad is 1500' or so east of my house (you cannot see my house from Barker, only from Nevada)  and will be accessed from Nevada rd.   The Rotz Pad will be located off of Barker rd. kind of south of  Lee Hostetler's place up on top of the hill you can see from Barker.  Access for Rotz Well comes off Barker and goes between Hostetler and Yoders houses,  the trees are dotted with blue paint. both wells are to be drilled back to back some time this year.

Blue Racer cut my ROW trees this week,  the ROW comes from the west across Shannon Run then crosses Byler, Moore, Rotz, Mamasis, Rotz, Pletcher then i assume Douglas and Carpenter heading to the Warren A well.

just thought i would start something for us neighbors to talk about. ill be down there tomorrow till monday if anybody would like to talk..  26430 Barker rd........

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I live in Wadsworth (Medina county).  We have talked on the phone a couple times in the past.  Comiserated about how we were being treated by Oxford (in the end I have to say that Eclipse was fair with me and we came to an agreement on compensation for the ROW that Oxford had put in).  I am hoping to get down next weekend and take a look around.  It sounds like things are moving forward for you, and glad to hear it.  

i may go down too, i want to see some progress on my Row.  maybe i will see you..

Rob ,wanted to tell u to take pictures of everything before they start the pipeline ,at the end of the day it is all you have to fall back on .Not sure Goethe blue racer works they may be better to get along with but I would bet they are same as mark west . They have land agents ,inspectors environmental inspectors and the contractor and at the end of day they all work for the same place and that is who they take care of not the land owner don't let them bullshit you . Take pictures and any thing that is promised you get it in writing from a blue racer high up , not your land agent . Have had 5 in 2 years.

Thanks steve i will keep tabs on them..  i made them leave a wooden stand we built years ago up, the tree is dead center of the ROW.  it looks funny there but i told them do not touch that tree and they didnt...  i know they talk what you want to hear...

Got the news on Saturday....  Rotz and Pletcher and most other new  wet gas wells are on hold. Eclipse will only be drilling a couple dry gas wells this year, one of which will be huge i guess, a "statement" well.  not sure what that means exactly.  So  OPEC is winning, they have postponed my well for years 2017 / 2018....  they did pay the delay rental a few days early last week...  All that excitement of a well is gone for me...for a long while. time to move on and focus my energy to something else.... see ya

I am sorry to hear that.  My guess is that they will focus on areas that are not held by production. 

Oh you never know what will happen between now and then.....hang in there.

Mr. Rotz,

I understand your disappointment, but do not despair too much. There is almost always more going on under the surface than we know.

I have heard rumors of Antero buying out Eclipse and it kind of fits with other dynamics like the rumors of Eclipse's fiscal position being shaky and with other mergers/buyouts that have happened since the fall in the price of oil.

This industry is nearly impossible to predict very far into the future. I have found patience to be a virtue when dealing with these things in the oil and gas because many times things have turned on a dime.

We are in the same boat kind of, if the remainder of our property and our Quaker City lots are to be in a paying unit we need Eclipse to drill the wells for us.

It will all work out in the end. Money is not everything.

Take care,


I just saw this on another Guernsey County Feed. Sounds promising!!!

Reply by bo boboski on Saturday

GOOD NEWS!!! PDC says they may be coming back to Guernsey co. sooner than expected due to the production #s that keep exceeding expectations from their Gue. Co. wells. Also, a worker at the Wooden wheel in Quaker City had a bigshot from Eclipse in recently who told her they wont be so slow in the restaurant come late june/july because they were coming back! Just have to wait -n-see?


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