so what is going on in Guernsey County as far as the gas an oil industry?  New wells being drilled, pipelines, wells currently being fracked, and anything else.

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Old Washington.  Shipman wells. Drill Baby Drill .Ascent.


The drilling has helped to rebuild some of the roads.  They sure are wider.

Still waiting to hear what the new goings on are.

output%20%2813%29.jpg   Fire on Shipely Rd. well pad. Must be Gulfports Ripely well pad?

Rig went up on Jupiter pad on 265.


ohio landowners.  People surrounding Salt Fork state park need to do something similar. Go see the Gubner!

I have had some conversations over the last week and found out that the Quaker City lot leases that were signed with B3 Minerals and ended up with Antero are not being renewed. 

The Mercury units went in to production in June of this year, Eclipse was non-committal about division orders and royalties going out but if you can read your lease and do some basic math you will have an idea as to when your first royalty check will hit.

Thanks for the update does anyone else have anything to add.  See new pad at the south end of Merry Rd, in Londonderry has been constructed with at least one other in the township.  Does anyone have information on them or other developments?

Ascent just pulled 2 permits for the Miller Farms pad on Sugartree rd. 2 legs heading SSE. to the Red Hill farms . No plat maps yet.

See the four wells on the Gill pad are now producing according to the ODNR site.  This is in Londonderry Township.

General question, please.

There has been no drillling  yet. 

Have signed lease two times with Ascent.

Recently, just contacted to buy my mineral rights by Purple group.

Before drilling, does Ascent assign my minerals (I don't own land, just minerals) to a group of a certain amount of acreage?

How do I find out what my well name is, when the time comes?

Will Ascent inform me of when drilling will start, if ever?!

Will this info on the well's name, etc. come from Ascent when the well is drilled or is there another way to find out.

I know of the ODNR..

Thanks y'all, for your help.

nc man


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