Cant help but notice how quiet it is on the Guernsey site, what is everyone doing out spending your bonus money???? I will be when i get paid!!!!!

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Faith, I hear from alot of landowners still waiting on Shell to pay the bonus for the O & G Lease.  Some of those folks are now past the 120 days.  Not sure what that means.  I understand Shell or Holland made courtesy calls to landowners saying they were behind on checking the titles at the recorder's office.  Seems funny how The KWGD group was paid by Gulfport within their stated timeline, but Shell has not been able to accomplish the same.  The Holland Office is in Cambridge if any of the landowners waiting want to check on progress.  740-439-2518. 

Yeah i talked to someone at Shell few weeks ago because they sent me and my sisters another copy of our leases, they were exact copies but each with our individual names instead of all 3 like the first one, so i called and she said it was, so when it came time for any payments it would be separated equally for each of us so there wouldnt be any mix ups. So i can understand that, and of course i ask her about payment and she said April. But our leases are dated Nov 21, 2011 because we are out of state it took longer to get it done. But my calculations are in to June if you go by the 120 banking days the lease says unless i did it wrong?

No, you sound right.  Not sure why you need three copies.  I signed with my two sisters and all our names on on the same lease and memorandum.  States 1/3 share beside each of us. 

Hum, that is strange. The first one was like that all three but it just listed our acreage per person basically 1.67 acre a piece. Maybe they decided to do it another way? Who knows, try as we might we will never understand fully why they do what they do! LOL

I have been wondering the same thing Faith...  Mighty quiet around here recently.  I would say people may be waiting to see the start of the next phase.  Once operations begin, I am sure that the discussions and conversations will pick back up.

I did a fly over of five drill pads Guernsey Noble Muskingum, All locations were in different stages of operation. If you think operations are impressive from the ground you should see it from the air.

Well i would like to but my plane is out of gas at the moment!!!! LOL

Cool!  Could you post some aerial photos?

Mike,  Did you get a ride in the Lancair ?

Wont be so quiet here in guernsey county in a week or two, cause Shell Oil Co. will be injecting bout $400 mil. into the local economy paying the signing bonuses due to run out by the 17th. I"ve been told their reputation is that they always pay,but usually during the last few days of their deadline. I keep reading these articles about all the O&G co.s in eastern ohio shale plays. Shell is never included in the lists. It's like they are not even considered a player. I would think they would be considered the "big dog" of the bunch, and what they do would be bigger news. The big dog may be waiting for the little ones to show him what's in the yard before he gets off the porch!

Chesapeake/Devon ? well . wheeling twp.15 frac tanks on site,truck crane with some kind of assembly hanging over well head yesterday evening.Looks like they are going to finally frac the well.Havn't seen any water truck  traffic go by our place yet.

Could you post some photos of it?


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