Does anybody know anything about the drilling that is going on behind Valley Natural Gas on 209 in Cambridge (across from Walmart)?  I had not been down that way in a while & just noticed today as I was coming back from Walmart that there was a small (single rig I assume probably a shallow well) drilling rig in place behind Valley NG.  I drove down there to see what I could see & there was a sign there with the name of the drilling company, but I can't remember it now.  I can't see how they are able to have the rig in place there without having a permit issued... I see nothing on the ODNR site for a well in Cambridge.  Any info appreciated.

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Nelson... I just pulled up the Interactive Map page since I knew about where it was, you could also find it in the database.

Red.. Yeh, a truck stop & disposal well within a 1000' of each other... great planning!

I drive by there several times a day so I've kind of been watching the progression of it. Last night I noticed several "container looking" trailers lined up around it (about 5 or 6) and I noticed there is a large pit on the byesville (south) side. There is also a large pipeline that goes into that pit, and the pit is full of liquid. I know nothing about the process, but would like to know alot more. Is this disposal? Is that safe? 

Mike, you're missing the point here. I'm well aware it goes back in the ground but, It's Pennsylvania's problem and they're dumping it in Ohio in one of the worst spots they could possibly pick. Apparerntly, you're not familiar with that area and the truck traffic that already exists there. They are creating a nightmare for the 2 companies that are already on that driveway, the businesses in that area and  the fact that Southgate parkway is the main drag into town. Somethings just not right here, you're hauling frac water from Penn. thru W. Va. and half way across Ohio to dump it in a business district. C'mon Mike, get real, it's not a case of the sky is falling,it's just not common sense, and it needs to be stopped.


I know you have been around the industry for quite a few years.  Could you please elaborate on how and why the injection wells are a safe practice?  I believe that I have read somewhere that there were already quite a few injection wells in operation in our state & have been for years.  So, it is not a new thing here.  I believe it is just getting more attention now due to all the talk of the big drilling activity in the area.  On another note, I do not fully support bringing in the waste water from the other states either.  I mean, I would think that there would be some sort of a limit to the porosity of the underground formations & if we pump them full of the other states waste, then do we have another state in mind to truck our waste water to once operations get into full swing here?  I believe each state should be responsible for their own processes & if PA does not have a way to handle it due to legislation, then they should be required to slow their drilling until they can come up with a way to handle it instead of pawning it off on to a neighboring state. All just IMO.

Nelson You have a very good understanding of the big picture you should run for a public office. The injection wells are the best option we have if we do not pump the water back into the ground were it came from we will have to spread it on top of the ground were it will leach down to the fresh water source. There have been many studies and this is our best option. We all need energy to live day to day and we need to strive as people humans to do our best to protect this planet. Injection wells for now is our best option. We have oceans of salt water that is part of the earth a living planet. We have alot of rules here in the USA just think what they are doing in Countries that do not. Thanks Mike

Thanks Mike, so the waste water that is coming back out of these wells is comparable to the oceans salt water?  I believe what most people are concerned about is the other additives.  Are the additional chemicals (which I believe is a very minimal ratio of the total wastewater to begin with) & solid waste that are added either purposely or simply residue from the frakking process removed prior to the waste fluid being injected into these disposal wells?   I agree that injecting this fluid at these great depths is a better alternative than spreading it on the surface (which I believe we used to do around this area not to awful long ago for dust control on the back roads) and allowing it to seep into the water table very rapidly.

And I will hold on to the thought of public office possibly somewhere down the road... Not sure that it would be a good fit for me right now, but one never knows what the future may hold.

Nelson The wast water is called flow back water in the industry. We only get back about 25 % on flo back and 10 from production some times these wells will start to make their own salt water we dont like that. We want oil not water. Have you ever thought of running for County Commissioner Guernsey County could use some one like yourself.

Mike, I wish you had been elected but you might of been busy and missed out on some of this fun.  I leave office here at the end of the year and am going to have to find something to keep busy with.  Also will miss the income.

Bob You would make a good landman. Taking leases right of way mineral reserch. It would keep you busy and the income is pretty good. Keep it in mind. Mike 

Mike,  Sent you a message about this.

I believe that was what caused us to lose the shallow well that used to be on my property.  It was drilled & producing from the Oriskany formation.  We lost it in 91, they went in to re-work it because it was producing a lot of water & something went wrong when they were trying to frack & a piece of the casing ended up snapping off & falling down the well or something, so at that point they decided just to plug & abandon...

Yeah, actually the thought has run through my mind before about possibly running for some type of public office.  It would either have to be a township trustee, or commisioner as I am not eligible for anything else due to where I live.  Once I finish my college & get some other things taken care of, I may consider pursuing that path.   However, I believe there is going to be a guy running for commissioner in the coming election (as I believe one of the current commissioners is not going to seek re-election... I can't recall which one though). And he probably holds some of the same values & ideas that I do...

I noticed the water they were using was from the fire hydrant.  Surely that is cambridges water at that point. 

I ride a bycycle to work, so i got a good look at the set up, but I'm not familar with the drilling process.  I have seen a lot of people pulled over one the side of the road checking it out.


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