I just wanted to post a thread to give credit where credit is due. I know most people start threads that are negative, and rightfully so. But I just wanted to second to give some (non solicited) props to hilCorp. They have been great to deal with. From Western Land Services, to the company itself, they actually answer their phones and call you back. I know for a fact this is a rarity in thhe industry. Thanks again HilCorp.

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My neighbor signed with Hilcorp 3500 and 17.5 just weeks before the Halcon offer of 3619 and 18.5 thru CX energy. I believed in CX and will get 17,000 dollars more signing bonus as well as more money when the drill bit goes in. 


Oops for sure! My big efing mistake! Kicking myself in the a$$ for the last 24 hours. All I got was a guaranteed piece of $hit!

Yeah, I was on the phone with HilCorp's new land geologist in January fealing them out. He was very informative and up front with their plans. I just had a feeling they were legit to say the least. The biggest question, is HilCorp still leasing your area? If so, I have a great contact for you from Western Land Services. Give me 3% of the bonus, and I'll brng the lease to your door too! Lol

I am going to contact Hilcorp tomorrow thru the agent thta signed my neighbor. My neighbor already got paid. In fact he got paid a month ahead of time!

I hope Hilcorp is still interested, they have been very good to work with. Western Land Services is the best gas/oil Rep. I have ever dealt with, they always answer the phone and they always do what they say they will do. I leased 2 properties through Western Land Services(Hilcorp) and I received 1 check about 6 weeks ago, I called and ask them about my 2nd check and they have kept me updated very very well, I talked to them today and they told me they are sending my 2nd check today overnight delivery from UPS. These guys are 1 of the few people I would trust in the gas/oil industry, A+++++ service.

I agree...HilCorp and Western Land Services have been available for answering question and follow thru on leases.  They have a very good rating with the BBB.  

I can assure you that the BBB knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about rating an oil company


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