I'm wondering when the well will be completed and when the results would be made public.

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I wouldn't look for any results to be announced from this well. HG Energy is a private company why would they release production numbers to increase lease values of adjacent property? Don't look for any results from this well anytime soon.

Timmy, I am not sure if it is the case in Ohio, but I believe the SEC was going to make all companies, including the privates, release production results.  This was the case in PA I believe.

I talked to an O/G lawyer yesterday and he said if they have production then they have to report it in March to ODNR.
 thats 5 months a long time to wait to see if helps or hinders acreage prices
the well was featured in this weeks Monroe County Beacon, they said it will be a couple of months until the fracking is complete and the know the outcome.

That would be for 2011 production.  By the time they finish the well and get it fracked they may not have any 2011 production.  Then we will have to wait another year.   So...we might be in limbo for awhile.

Everyone in the 25000 acres will be getting checks within 4 months of the well going on line so it will be easy enough to figure out the production.  They also need to drill 10 wells in 2012 to keep the lease's active so I'm going to watch how fast the start pulling permits after this well is fracked.

What is this 25000 acres you are referring to?  Can you give us more information?
This group got oil and gas producers to sublease their leases for just the Utica down.  One of the producers had 10,000+ acres or so I'm told and some just had a couple of wells.  The final numbers have not come out but it looks like it is going to be around 25,000 acres.  Since the landowners are getting 12.5%  that was in the previous lease they signed the producers are getting a 1/32nd override that they decided to pool and split according to the number of acres they have involved.  Most of this acreage is in Center and Washington Townships.

Not sure of the truth to this or not, but I have heard they lost this hole after they TD'd and are repermitting...has anyone else heard the same?

Tom, can't confirm this but I heard the exact same thing.


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