I'm wondering when the well will be completed and when the results would be made public.

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Brought the small rig back in on the 703 site Monday???

Just checking in. Any News about 702?

Nothing going on.  Don't expect much until American Energy takes over in Aug.

American Energy?  

I am so out of the loop. I don't know anything about that. Can you (or anyone) fill me in? Is HG selling? What's up?

McClendon is taking over the acreage out there?

And a follow-up question:  Does anyone know the status of the original deal (some 30,000 acres in Monroe that was made with HG)?  Did it fall apart or did McClendon buy them out? 

Ok. Who is McLendon?

Former CEO of Chesapeake Energy.

Here is a discussion of Aubrey buying in Monroe Co as well as some WV counties.


And lol disregard those posts by whoever silly Jenny is/was in this discussion.

Okay, so American Energy Partners acquired approx. 27,000 acres in Monroe Co. from an unnamed private company.  Does anyone know if that was the acreage that HG held?

Yes, if you read the posts after the article and the other link about HG Energy I think you will see that Aubrey bought it.   And if you have a lease with them call HG and ask or wait till the leases transfer at the Courthouse and get the Recorder to print a copy for you.

IMHO this is the first one Aubrey bought in Monroe and I think it will not be the last.

Thanks for the update. We are out of state and are slow to get the news. We appreciate you keeping us posted.


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