I'm wondering when the well will be completed and when the results would be made public.

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There are 6 wells drilled but not fracked.

There are 6 wells drilled but not fracked.

I had heard that they would be fracking these (702) in February. Any news? any activity? 

They started out as July or Aug.  Then went to Jan. or Feb and are now March or April.  At this point I would say they have plans to frack these wells sometime in the future.  Gulfport did enlarge the pad on Conner Ridge and pulled 3 permits to drill there.  They have also moved in heavy equipment to the pad on SR 26 over the weekend.

Thought I'd check in and see if there is any new activity on 702?

Nope! Drilling on the Conner ridge pad with a total of 6 wells going in there.

Hey Sam,do you have any idea where they will be drilling after conner ridge?

I think they are going over to the Jacobs pad on SR 26 but they have also pulled permits in Center township on the Claugus property.  They are going to start adding more pipeline next month and the rumor is they are going to frack the 19 wells they have drilled next year.

Thanks Sam.

Rig up at the Jacobs pad on SR 26.


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