I heard details lastnight from a landowner in the area. The study will be approximately 20,000 acres or 30 sq mi and will include all of Morgan twsp and parts of Pleasant and Clay.The grid will have 1/4 mile spacing and the charges will be set down 20'.  This is a joint venture between Artex and Knox Energy. The study will start in the next 10 days.

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I will confirm the information above. They claim they are looking for Rose Run. Devon owns our Utica so I'm skeptical.
jodi called it.

Jodi was wrong.  Shock.

There are some dang nice Roserun wells in Ohio. When you consider how cheap a Roserun can be drilled for (only a vertical and a very cheap frac) which has produced 43,000 bbl of oil in one year, not the cheap NGL or NG and is still producing 13 years latter I think they would look real hard at the Roserun.

The seismic crews were at the corner of 13 and Arrington Rd today near the swamp. PA license plates and the trucks said Northeast Oil and Gas Exploration.

Them boys have a Ohio Oil Hunting License? lol

I didn't check Billy. Maybe they were tired of hunting those tiny deer out in eastern Ohio. Everyone knows the big bucks are in Central Ohio.
I think they are just marking the grid. 13/Arrington is about a mile north of the Devon well.
The seismic trucks are on Tullous Rd this AM.
3d seismic on 20000 acres. wrong. same townshop the as two utica permits. wrong. keep it up devonlandman. im not shocked. your such a dumbass.
David Ross, thanks for the post. Very interesting. I suggest you transfer this topic to the main page. I realize the interest of seismic survey is below the Utica/PP, but the fact is they are spending big money and resources for this info when they could be in eastern Ohio tells me this survey is significant. I'm afraid this post on Ohio Landowners is going to just attract "noise".
R2D2, all those seismic lines in Morgan Twsp were most likely 2D. Now with 3D hopefully the information will be much better. Follow the Money Trail.
The seismic crews are north of Vance and east of Rangeline at about Nixon Rd this morning.


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