Rumors are David R. Hill is in the Licking Valley area Of Licking county  trying to lease you land BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

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Their landman was here (Southern Knox County) about a year ago offering $10/acre. At that time, most people around hear hadn't even heard of the Utica shale. When I mentioned the Utica shale, he practically scoffed. Claimed that the shale was not an option in this area.  Knox energy tried to pull the same thing.

from the looks of the boy scout camp  lease they were screwed

Assuming that bodily harm will befall someone for signing people to contracts is wreckless. If you don't like his lease or his market price evaluation then don't sign. It's really that simple.

 Well ya know we like to think there is a bit of good will in the O7G industry . But what do you think of this lease? BOY SCOUT LEASE. 


The youtube video that I posted shows he's a  pillar of the community.RIGHT!!!

They in some areas have a different term for a pillar! 

Summer of 2011 there was no whiff of Utica/Point Pleasant potential in Licking. It was pure speculation. $10/acre is a lousy deal for Utica land, but at the time it was totally unproven. Unless you want some arbitrary government agency setting prices then you must accept that the market forces will work in favor of those who will take risk.

 I guess Marcus you might have a point but what I think we have here is When someone is called a Patriot of the Year perhaps there should be some ethics involved . If you look the lease was signed this past month 2012! 


I don't think it's unethical to enter into an agreement with someone. If his landmen lied or he lied to landowners that's a different story altogether. Otherwise, he's free to sign people up and they're free to say "no thanks".

Update I called the Boy Scouts up The land was already under a lease with the mineral rights being held by Nancy Chiles, the issue of renegotiation for the unitization appears to have little concern to their legal council. Of Course they had 550 acres so It was up to them. 

 I personally, I wouldn't sign a lease with Mr. Hill. 

I don't buy into the no whiff thought Marcus, no disrespect.  If we review all the info at ODNR, the maps (dated as early as 2006) showing all the TOC, etc. - if someone had their nose a little closer to the ground than some of us, I'd say there was a whiff in the air for the last couple of summers.   Unproven?  Yes.  But, the whiff of potential was just as strong last summer as it is this summer.

Was, is, the landowner ignorant?  Probably.  Is that their fault?  Yes. 

It's like going to a garage sale.  You see a $2.00 item in the sale that you, having a trained eye for that particular item, know is worth $200.00 in certain markets.  Do you buy it and leave?  Or, do you tell them, Hey, that's worth quite bit a more, maybe you should re-think selling that at that price.

There's buyer beware, and then there's seller beware.

David Hill has successfully forayed his way into Knox County.  Don't know to what extent, but he's got at least one 134 ac parcel in Liberty Twp. (western part of county).  Will these, including Licking County, be eventually flipped to Devon or whoever leases the majority of the knox/licking/morrow/ashland/medina area?

In other words, is there still hope that these parcels will become part of the larger landowner units?  I again profess my ignorance on the O&G chess game - I'm just a lowly beancounter by trade!


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