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                Big Polluter Sues Victims


The horrendous and deliberate dumping was done in Monroe County Ohio on multiple occasions during the years 2007 and 2008 – even after being sited by the State Inspector.

The owner of Air Compliance Testing in Westlake Ohio, and his partner, illegally, criminally and intentionally

dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic frac water flow back chemicals on the organic farm of private landowners.  The dumper then decided to take the landowners to court.  Phil Billick (the dumper) also owns this company AER (Appalachian Energy Resources), which drills and does re-completion work for oil wells in Southeastern Ohio. With the Oil and Gas boom in our area, we want you to beware with whom you sign!


The owner of AER is an Environmentalist and Chemist by trade, which makes it even more disturbing.  Mr. Billick decided to disregard the law and dump toxic pollutants on the land and in creeks where he was doing the drilling –   sometimes doing “midnight dumping” and all for financial gain, he put profit to himself above duty to the public. 


And to add insult to injury, Mr. Billick recently did an acquisition for another Consulting and Engineering  Company out of Gainesville, Florida, where Phil will now be “protecting” America up and down the Eastern seaboard.   None of us are safe.  Phil Billick and Appalachian Energy give a bad name to those obeying the law.




The amount of liquid, some of which comes in containers marked with a

skull and crossbones, has totaled nearly one half million gallons


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Harry Boyd is a tree farmer and an estimator, Harry used to be a ginseng farmer, until Billick killed it all.  Harry’s wife of 22 years is Holly Boyd, a Professional Organizer, Author and Speaker.  The Boyd’s live in Belmont County Ohio and the dumping was done in Monroe County.

                 Harry may be reached at 740 757 2865.

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We want everyone to know to beware of this ones operations . This post has nothing to do with the big companies that are trying to lease our lands  PERIOD ...  We need to get people like this one out .They don't reflect what the real companies are like and the care that is taken to protect our farms and land .

AER signed a lease that stated  " no dumping of any frac water on the ground and or in any streams " 

but this didn't stop them , the temptation and greed took over .

They still don't think they have done anything wrong   " REALLY " .

Here here Ridgeman. This kind of behavior is detrimental to all of us, not just a landowner here or a company there. This boom could mean a seismic shift in the economics of this state and its residents and we don't need scumbags like this guy screwing it up.

Thanks Marcus , that is how this was meant to be taken . I want roaches like this to be out of this business . It's not fair to the good guy's who are trying to produce our shale and help  us be less dependent on foreign and put jobs into our state .

I will share this with you also , if you are looking to lease your land or know others who are make sure that the lease does not contain the arbitration clause in it. This is in my opinion is why this happens . This clause dosen't allow the victim to recoup any legal fees or pain and suffering .

This means that you don't get a trial it goes before a arbitrator rather than a judge or jury and you will be limited to  recovery and what a attorney would get excited about taking on a case with limited recovery , there pay will come out of your settlement reducing your award .

I have been going threw this for almost 5 years now with out a real clean up and a bunch of money spent .If you have any question's let me know .

We are being represented by Crabbe , Brown , and James out of Columbus .

Chesapeake's early leases (and frankly some of the more current ones) has a clause that essentially freed them from being sued.  The way it was worded said that if a landowner had an issue they had to notify CHK in writing and CHK had a set time frame (maybe 30 days, I don't quite remember) to fix the issue to THEIR satisfaction.  Meaning that if CHK felt that they resolved the issue then the matter was settled.  How's that for a good deal?

I wouldn't sign that kinda for 10,000.00 per acre . I really don't see a problem with a good drilling company giving a lease that protects everyone from a frac release , meaning that they have to clean it up in a timely fashion  and do whats necessary to protect any one in the area that could be affected . Accidents happen it's how it is handled .In my case the owner of the  environmental company - driller did all this on purpose to screw the investors out of the money that they put up for a well  which included the proper disposal of the spent frac fluid to hauled to a disposal well . What I find really disturbing is that  Phil Billick the environmental company owner , chemist and driller and his partner knew better and makes it on both ends .

As far as the bigger companies we need to look at the long term effects that we will all have to live with so I suggest that anyone looking to lease there land instead of fighting for every last dime get a good price with good protection for your land and protect it for generation to come . If I had to do it again I would never leave any stone un turned 

and protect what was a organic ginseng farm that I once had . I was also going to start a shrimp farm before the contamination , but now that dream is lost .

I still have about 100 acres to lease and I will with the right terms but never to this creep again . Did you see my website with the environmental testing truck sitting the dumped frac-water ?  Hard to believe .

The pictures disgust me.  How is this guy still in business?

It's who he knows and works with  if you know what I mean and the arbitration clause . 

Spread the word on this polluter so they wont have to go threw this .

Marcus , if you would want to see so more pics of what happen add me to your list or give me your email .

Hi Drill , we have a depo this week . I have video and hundreds of pics that are not posted  .Click here > Go to the website there is a video available , it's labeled the movie .I will send a friend request to and have more to share if you like . I hope this helps others ,Thanks Drill.


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