anybody have any info. on this company out of chagrin falls ohio? Been contacted by landman

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Agreed Bird , they plan on putting the extra 4 to 6 % in there pockets .That's ok but not on mine .

I met with three different reps for this company and it is a joke. My neighbors signed almost two years ago so I am sitting in the middle of a rectangle with everyone around signed with them. They offered a whopping $650.00 per acre plus 12% royalties. Everyone signed without having a lawyer review any paperwork.

I would advise you to take notes of what they tell you they will do then compare it with the contract. For me, they would not let me have the contract to review before meeting with a rep and told me I couldn't keep the paperwork they were asking me to sign because it was company property. I compared it with what the rep said and none of the statements were in there.

Explained my concerns to the next rep and she told me people are scared because the bad drilling in our area in the 1970s ruined wells and scared people then when I told her my concern about my well she got defensive and told me you can't prove in court drilling ever ruined any well. I asked her if this is so safe, where are the wells on her land. She said they are there but her property was none of my business. Upon discussion she admitted they weren't really on her property and they are older wells, not the fracking type they want to do on ours.

The only consistent message I got was that there was no negotiations on the contract. I wanted stipulations such as the testing of my well at select intervals and replacement water if it was bad and that since we have only 5 acres, they could get the minerals but don't put the well on our property. I was told I had to sign the same contract as all my neighbors and if I didn't like it they would just take the oil and gas by being close to my property line.

At least they didn't lie to you.  People get all up in arms when landmen lie to them and now these nitwits come in telling the truth and look even worse.


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