Hi!  Is there anyone one here in Greene County who is in a Marcellus unit that is active and producing?  If so, can I ask what your royalty numbers look like.  I have 12 acres in Greene Co., and am under lease for a unit hopefully going to be in production in the next couple of years.  Just trying to get a sense of what may happen.  I know nothing is certain and numbers are all over the board based on a lot of variables, but I've gotten estimates all over the board of what I might be getting.  I'm at 15% gross.  Thanks!

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Hi Chris, I own minerals in Greene County, but I live in Oklahoma, so obviously I'm not in the mix of what's going on.  A group of relatives who share property are eager to get some drilling going on. My email address is marj447@aol.com if you want to chat. 


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