We are being offered $2500 a acre and 15 percent has any one else had any offers

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By who?

Whitlatch their office is in mineral wells

Whatever numbers you are being quoted (& they sound decent) ..." they mean nothing" IF the wording on later pages doesn't back them up.  Get to an O & G lawyer. (I'm not one.) That wording wasn't meant to be easily understood except by the firm's lawyers.

Good Luck!

Do you have a number or contact? We have 188 acres in McKim District we'd like to lease if this region has appeal. Thanks,

Howell whitlatch. 304 893 9388 there is also a leasing outfit in middlebourn called lone tree energy sorry I don't have their number good luck

Thank you very much!  Good luck to you.

hal whitlatch will not fund your lease

Why have you had some bad dealings with hal

Received an offer of $1000/acre and 14%, have countered and are waiting to see if there will be any increase. 61 acres in Lafayette District. Fingers crossed . . .

Triad offering 3500. 18percent on mt Carmel ridge

I'm just going to throw this out here. Everyone here realizes, I hope, that when a company comes into an area to develop it they will buy leases that other O&G companies have as a block. These lease invariably are sold with the seller retaining 1/8th of the working interest. And, if the lease has changed hands a couple of times already, the developing O&G company can easily wind up with only 70% of the working interest (usually 7/8 or 87.5%). So do the math. If you have land that does not have a current lease on it, do not lease it to a leasing company who only wants to flip it and retain a working interest. Wait for the production company to come knocking. Unencumbered leases are a gold mine in good areas.  


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