Anyone hear terms on the the Dominion Auction?

Looks like from recent filings, Travis Peak is your winner!

They just permitted a well in Westfield township.  And so it begins...........

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Don't know the terms,but how they get the gas to market is gonna be interesting there surrounded by Shell.Just a thought does Dominion have pipe lines that they could use?

Tioga County Extension section of NFG's Empire pipeline.  SWEPI is an anchor shipper, not an owner of the pipeline.  

The Dominion farm out to Travis Peak is good news for Lessor's within the storage area, how this all works out still remains to be seen but it is a positive step. Good luck TP! I would suggest those Lessor's dust off the lease documents that apply and get familiar with their situation.

Here is an interesting article about companies, including Trivis Peak, which are backed by private equity firms.  

"Repeat executives find new, profitable ventures in expanding shale industry - July 19, 2014

"“These guys are proven operators and moneymakers,” said Ryan Devlin, a director at EnCap Investments, a Texas-based private equity firm that funded PennEnergy and Mr. Addison’s new company, Travis Peak Resources. ...

“You quickly come to learn that if you want someone to allocate capital to you and all you really have are people, that’s the equity route,” [Addison] said. “Commercial banks aren’t going to do that.""

Ann, this was a great article.  Thanks for sharing!  I hope everyone w/OGMs in  Potter and Tioga counties read it.  Lots of food for thought.

A follow-up to my own reply ... had to stop to fix dinner.

Next Wed., August 19th @ 2 - 4 PM, in Coudersport's Gunzberger Bldg. on N. Main St. a meeting will be held for regional OGM landowners, and those who are part of a storage unit and/or pipeline corridor.  Dan Brockett will be the key speaker from Penn State's Marcellus Education Team, while Bud Shuffstall (Senior Oil, Gas and Mineral Officer) will be representing  Northwest Savings.  No fee will be charged.

Once readers connect to the link Ann Ticopa provided above, it will be apparent why this meeting is so important.  It's entitled  "SHALE  GAS: Updates, Land Management and Lease Options".   On the agenda ... Shale Overview, Trends,  Production Options When Under a Lease, and Land Management During Development.  A "Q & A" period will follow.

Register by calling 570-320-4429.

Those who have been to previous meetings bringing Travis Peak, CX-Energy, and the 4-County Landowners Group together  will make the connection to all this by following this thread, reading Ann's link, and attending the shale update meeting.

Does anybody have a number to contact Travis Peak? My current Shell lease is about to expire and they are giving offers. I am curious as to see if I can get more. I am in Tioga county

Matt Hood (their land manager) can be reached at 918 640-1741.

From the Travis Peak website:

Travis Peak Resources has an ongoing leasing program in the Appalachian Basin. If you own mineral rights in this area, consider Travis Peak. For consideration, please contact Matt Hood, Land Manager at:

Travis Peak Resources, LLC
9020 North Capital of Texas Hwy.
Building 1, Suite 170
Austin, TX 78759
Phone: (512) 814-0345

Note:  Jim's phone number for Hood is probably the better one to try first.  

You might  want to do Landex searches on Travis* to see where in TC they are leasing (e.g. Brookfield, Clymer, Westfield, Deerfield).

Have they drilled a well yet ?

Travis Peak was actively leasing in western Tioga and eastern Potter in 2014-15.  Some leases were signed through the company's land agents, and some through the 4-County Landowners Group ... represented by CX-Energy.  The latter got the better of the two lease formats, and CX got their fee paid by Travis Peak.  A great deal for both!

TP knows good OGM acreage when they see it, and fortunately CX was able to bring out the best in them @ the bargaining table at no expense to the landowners.

My guess is TP will flip their Westfield interest to Shell.  We have a Shell lease now which expires in Sept. TP is picking it up becsuse it was a strong lease from 5 yesrs ago and very very good.   This way,  Shell gets a better deal and doesn't have to deal with the front end.  ...Or pay out what they did give years ago


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