Does anyone know of any Shell non-surface leases in Tioga County on larger parcels (over 100 acres)? Thanks.

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Can you share what Twp it would be in?

Rutland Twp

I know of one in Delmar

In 2010, ERI and ERM (SWEPI) alleged to offer a non-surface lease addendum on that size parcel. But I never got or heard of anyone actrually getting one. This latest go-round, they say "NO" up front. in 2009, Talisman did offer separate NY and PA non-surface-developmant leases.

My lawyer created several addendums to the ERI/SWEPI lease as presented by the landman, one of which is "No Surface Activity", and ERI/SWEPI accepted all of the addendums.

Lila, Would you mind sharing your lawyers contact info? Thanks

It's  Lester Greevy in Williamsport.

signed a no surface lease last year on approx. 100 acres with swepi.

they refused the addendum at first, but then accepted it.

Thank you everyone for replying. This is good information to know.

Hi - Greg Gass has experience also with non surface agreements. We have used both Greg and Lester Greevy over the years. I would contact Greg first.


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