Now that the old format is back, please start using new discussions so they are available by topic. Hard to sort through the 1200+ replies to one discussion. I did stop in to speak with Shell yesterday at their Shell Appalachia offices in Wellsboro. Shell is drilling 4 Utica wells on Neal right now and will be there until February. They plan to move to Houck near the Grand Canyon airport and then maybe Showalter or Watkins in Chatham Township. They said they will stop drilling at the end of June because they will have used all their development budget by then. They will then resume drilling the first of 2019. All drilling will be on existing pads. Of course everything changes daily in this business.

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Additionally, many E&S permits that are being applied for are to bring existing pads up to new DEP requirements. They are either retiring completely or adding new storm water management structures to meet the regulations, depending on their present future development plans, which again could .change

That all sounds quite sensible - I'd heard that there was a break in the action coming soon. Also possible a narrowing of their focus. Some fringe areas may not see lease renewals going forward. But as you say, things do change in this business. Cold weather this winter could help.

Anything new on Shell activity in Tioga County?

Nothing new".........waiting game

I don't think Shell has a rig in Tioga County. Only Seneca drilling on DCNR 007 lease above Asaph. A little drilling east of RT 15, but that's it in Tioga as far as I know.


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