Anyone know the extent of the additional Tioga County leasing SWEPI has planned?  The last (and only) time I was contacted by one of their landmen was 4+ years ago.  He was going to get back to me "next week".  
I'm in NE TC, where most of the existing wells are single horizontals, drilled by ERI and now owned by Talisman.  My best guess is that SWEPI is filling in some of the gaps (unleased property) ... not that they have development plans.  Anyone have any info (or guesses)?

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Neighbors just got an offer in Charleston Twp. for $1000/acre for 10 years. Didn't mention %age. I told them that's low, hold on. There seemed to be some confusion--whoever called said their lease was "up" and the landowner said, no, we've got more than 2 years to go. The "official" who claimed to be from Shell said, no, your lease ran out. Weird. 

For those dealing with current activity. I got involved with a land man in 06. I sent him to a law firm that was recommended to me who said they were experienced in these matters. The lease was a standard 5 year with an extension clause paying $90/acre/12.5%. It seems as though most others who got leases like this struck the extension clause successfully. That recommendation was never suggested by my council. In 11 many of my neighbors renegotiated for well over $4.5K/acre and 20% not including all the addendums. That small error cost me almost a half million bucks not to mention all the addendums that time and experience has yielded.

I would think long and hard before I signed anything with a term like that. I would also recommend retaining legal council by an experienced O&G attorney who deals with these people daily (as I have done). FWIW.

I would hope with Utica now coming into play, offers should be no less than 1.5 times what was offered in your original lease offers.

1.5x$90 ($135/acre) is About 10% of what they apparently have been offering today, and those offers being considered lowball offers.

I would do nothing without experienced legal council.

I'm in Liberty just west of 15 on mt top road.

It would be informational if folks would include the Township the property is located. Some townships have strong indications of Utica and others do not.

Good suggestion, Josie. I see nothing happening in Delmar Township (and we are only 10 miles or so from the Utica well in Keeneyville)

PA Gas Drilling Permit Issued in Delmar Twp TownshipGas permit issued on 2014-12-03 00:00:00 to SWEPI LP for site BAKER 128 23H in Delmar Twp township, Tioga county
Tags: PADEP, frack, permit, drilling, Gas

PA Gas Drilling Permit Issued in Delmar Twp Township

Gas permit issued on 2014-12-03 00:00:00 to SWEPI LP for site BAKER 128 21H in Delmar Twp township, Tioga county

Are the permits for new wells? I thought they had already completed all the wells at the Baker site?

I have not been keeping up the permits and production reports. Does anyone know how many wells are actually producing, by township, in Tioga County? Sometime I wonder if everyone but me is getting a royalty check. Or are a lot of people held by (non)production or otherwise in limbo (I'm leased but not in a unit)?

Lynn, see this post:

Permalink Reply by George Donovan 3 minutes ago

Yes, Looks like  Baker 21H is Utica or deeper. TVD12,200'  Lateral 5600'  MD19,000'

I think both of the Baker wells are Utica and those are located over near the Wellsboro high school in an area called Delmar Heights or something like that...and that is probably less than 3 miles via the crow flies from your place I would guess...

Thanks! That's good news. It's nice to see the activity getting closer. I'm only a couple of miles from the Baker site, so I hope the Utica is fruitful there. I never thought I'd say it, but I hope they lock me into the unit soon; I've got a higher royalty rate than they are offering now, and I'd like to keep it. I'm afraid they will let my lease expire then re-lease at a lower royalty.

are those Utica permits, George?

Those are new well permits. If you click on the Blue writing on my first post it will map it and also give you the API number. Its a Nimby site, but good free info. I haven't figured out the target formation yet.


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